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Find Your Rhythm: Music Classes for the Whole Family

Want to unite with your family through music joy? You’re in the right place! Our family music classes spark harmony and fun at home. They’re perfect for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

One of our top programs is Rhythm Kids® for kids 4-5 years old and those in grades K-2. These classes immerse children in music and fun through games, rhythmic stories, and activities. They get to drum, sing, and move to rhythm from different cultures, whether online or in person.

The fun doesn’t stop at music. Our classes also introduce kids to complex and amazing tunes and offer chances to perform alone or with others. They promote creativity, leadership, and improve social skills. In Rhythm Kids®, your children will gain rhythm and tonal skills, boost their confidence in moving, and learn the power of creativity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Join our family music classes to bond through joyful music experiences.
  • Experience interactive music classes suitable for all ages.
  • Rhythm Kids offers immersive classes for big kids ages 4-5 and grades K-2.
  • Engage in drumming, singing, and movement to various musical traditions.
  • Develop rhythm and tonal competence, creativity, and leadership skills.

Rhythm Kids Music Classes for Big Kids

Looking for fun music classes for your big kids? Try Rhythm Kids. It’s for children aged 4-5 in pre-K (Level 1) and those in kindergarten to second grade (Level 2).

At Rhythm Kids, we use music to play games and learn. Kids drum, sing, move, and use many instruments. They learn from African djembe drums to simple percussion.

Our class is about more than just instruments. It’s also about composing and conducting music. Kids think and act like musicians. They connect with music from all over the world and enjoy a wide range of sounds.

In our classes, kids can lead and work together. Creativity, expression, and teamwork are big. Children learn to improvise alone and with others, finding the joy of music in different ways.

Rhythm Kids helps children become skilled musicians for life. They learn to love different kinds of music and develop strong music abilities. It’s not just for music, but also helps in school and elsewhere. They get better at rhythm, singing, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of what Rhythm Kids offers:

  • Engaging music games and activities
  • Hands-on experience with various musical instruments
  • Opportunities to lead, collaborate, and explore music from different cultures
  • Emphasis on creativity, expression, experimentation, and innovation
  • Development of rhythm and tonal competence
  • Confidence in movement and independent singing
  • Enhancement of leadership, social skills, executive functions, and emerging math skills

Rhythm Kids is more than a music class. It’s a chance for big kids to learn lifelong music skills. They also get to know music from around the world and grow in confidence. Join and see your kids shine in music.

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Benefits of Rhythm Kids Music Classes
Development of rhythm and tonal competence
Confidence in movement and independent singing
Enhancement of leadership and social skills
Development of creative problem-solving abilities
Exposure to diverse and exciting music
Building connections to the global music community
Development of musical skills like composing, choreographing, and conducting
Exploration of music from various cultures
Opportunities for solo and ensemble performances

Online Music Classes for the Whole Family

Want music classes the whole family can love? Music Together Online has what you need. Our online classes let you enjoy music at home. The classes are fun and perfect for young kids.

High-Quality Music Curriculum and Play-Based Learning

Music Together Online uses play to teach kids about music. We focus on fun ways to learn through playing. This builds a strong musical foundation for kids.

Our classes are carefully planned. They focus on important music skills such as chords and rhythm. Kids also get to show their creativity in the fun lessons.

Our online classes are easy to fit into your day. They make learning music from home simple. Families can bond over making music together. We mix play and learning for a great experience.

Parental Involvement and Music Activities

Parental involvement is key at Music Together Online. We think parents are important musical models for kids. Join our classes to make music at home more vibrant.

Our classes offer something for everyone. Sing, play, and dance with us. You don’t need special instruments. Use everyday things like dish towels and pans to make music.

Online Music Classes

Discover the Joy of Music Together Online

At Music Together Online, you get a lot of great songs. Discover fresh music and activities each class. Your child’s music education will continue at home with the songs and activities.

Join us with kids under 5 for some musical fun. The whole family is welcome. You’ll learn about music, rhythm, and have a great time. It’s perfect for interactive family learning.

Sign up at Music Together Online to start your musical adventure. Bring joy and melody to your family with our online classes.


Music education is important for everyone, no matter their age. You can take part in groups like Rhythm Kids or try online options like Music Together Online. Music classes help you learn about beat and sound, and they boost your creativity and self-assurance. They also introduce you to new cultures and teach you how to work with others.

These activities do more than just teach you music. They help with leading, getting along with others, and solving problems. They’re also fun and make you feel good. Plus, they can connect you with new friends and make your family closer. Music classes are about more than just songs – they teach you skills like staying focused, working together, and feeling good about yourself.

Both Rhythm Kids and Music Together Online mix private and group classes for a full music-learning experience. They have been helping people learn for over 20 years with great success. These music programs are top-notch, whether you like learning in a group or on your own. Taking music classes can set you on a path to really understanding and loving music. So, start your journey into music today. You’ll find skills and happiness that will last a lifetime.


What age group is Rhythm Kids designed for?

Rhythm Kids is made for kids ages 4-5 and those in grades K-2.

What activities are included in Rhythm Kids classes?

Rhythm Kids classes use fun like music games, stories about animal rhythms, and moving. These things help kids learn and enjoy making music.

Can Rhythm Kids classes be taken online?

Yes, Rhythm Kids offers classes in person as well as online.

What skills do children develop in Rhythm Kids classes?

Kids learn rhythm and how to make sounds that go well together in Rhythm Kids. They also get better at singing alone, moving with confidence, and creating their own music.

What age groups do Rhythm Kids classes cater to?

Rhythm Kids has music classes for children ages 4-5 in pre-K (Level 1). They also have classes for kindergarteners to second-graders (Level 2).

What musical instruments are used in Rhythm Kids classes?

In Rhythm Kids, children get to drum, sing, move, and play different musical instruments. These include West African djembe drums and other percussion instruments.

What is the focus of the Rhythm Kids curriculum?

The curriculum is all about teaching kids how to compose, choreograph, and conduct music. It also shows children music from different cultures.

What opportunities for creativity and collaboration do Rhythm Kids classes provide?

In Rhythm Kids, children can sing alone, make up their own music, and work in groups. This helps them be more creative, express themselves, and try new things.

What skills do children gain through Rhythm Kids classes?

Kids in Rhythm Kids learn a lot about music. They get more confident in making music. And they also learn skills they can use in school and life.

What is Music Together Online?

Music Together Online is a program with great music and movement activities for families. You can join from home.

How do Music Together Online classes work?

Online teachers lead the classes where the whole family can join in singing and playing. You might use things like dish towels or pots for new sounds.

What age group is suitable for Music Together Online classes?

These classes are good for kids under 5. Everyone in the family can and should join in.

What skills do children develop in Music Together Online classes?

Music Together Online helps kids learn basic music skills like chords and rhythm. It also boosts creativity.

What is the benefit of taking music classes as a family?

Classes like Rhythm Kids and Music Together Online are great for the whole family. They improve music skills and creativity. You also get to learn about different cultures through music.

What other skills do music classes enhance?

Music classes make you better at leading, improve social skills, and help with math and solving problems. They are also fun and help make friends through music.

What lifelong skills can be gained through music education?

Music education teaches important life skills like discipline, teamwork, and how to believe in yourself.

How do Rhythm Kids and Music Together Online provide a comprehensive music-learning experience?

These programs give a full music learning experience with lessons and group activities. They’ve helped kids for more than 20 years learn about music in a high-quality way.

Can I continue my music journey from home with online classes?

Yes, Rhythm Kids and Music Together Online let you keep learning music at home. This helps you grow closer as a family and love music more.

How do Music Together Online classes ensure an engaging music experience for young children?

Music Together Online uses play to teach kids, making music fun and active. Teachers guide the family in singing, playing, and enjoying music together.

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