Spectra vs Motif Luna

Spectra vs Motif Luna: Choosing Your Breast Pump

If you are looking for breast pumps, you’ve probably heard Motif Luna and Spectra are some of the best breast pump brands on the market. The two are often mentioned simultaneously because they are direct competitors. Motif Luna and Spectra are liked and recommended by many. These pumps have a lot in common, size, mom-friendly design, and pumping power. Some even say you can use their parts interchangeably.

Although both pumps perform excellent at expressing milk, they have a few differences, making one more suitable for your pumping situation. We have sifted through everything there is to these pumps to help you understand what makes Spectra different from Motif Luna. Read on to determine which pump will suit best your pumping journey.

Spectra vs Motif Luna

Spectra vs Motif Luna: overview

Spectra vs Motif Luna: Similarities


Both the two pumps have a closed system, preventing breast milk from going into the motor parts of the pump. The closed system prevents moisture entry into the pump, hindering the growth of mold.

Hospital-Grade Strength

Spectra and Motif Luna are rated as hospital-grade breast pumps. This means they are heavy-duty and powerful to withstand frequent pumping. The pumps also have a high maximum suction power, making them ideal for those who want to pump many times a day.

Adjustable Pump Setting

You can easily adjust the cycle speed of both Spectra and Motif Luna individually in expression mode. The adjustable pump setting is an excellent feature since most breast pumps have adjustable vacuum strength only. So, buying Spectra or Motif Luna gives you fast cycle speed and vacuum strength.

Spectra and Motif Luna expression mode has five cycle speeds and 12 vacuum levels, and five vacuum levels in massage mode.

No Noise

Both Spectra and Motif Luna are low noise breast pumps of about 45 dB or less. The noise level is so low that you can comfortably pump at your workplace or at night when everyone is asleep.

Night Light

Both Spectra and Motif Luna have night lights for easy pumping at night.

Suckling Sensation

Spectra and Motif Luna have a similar suckling sensation. The suckling sensation, a unique vibration feeling like that of a nursing baby, helps mothers respond better to the pump. This response enhances faster letdown resulting in more milk expressed.

Spectra vs Motif Luna: Differences 


Spectra has been in the breast pump industry for a while now. So it’s more trusted and reliable than Motif Luna. On the other hand, Motif Luna is a new brand and hasn’t gained much reputation as Spectra. However, it still produces high-quality products and has excellent customer service and reviews.


Compared to Motif Luna, Spectra is bigger, heavier, and bulkier. Spectra has a raised handle and weigh 2.7 lbs, while Motif Luna is slimmer and weighs 2.3 lbs. The slim and lightweight design of Motif Luna makes it more portable as it takes less space in a pumping station or bag.

Vacuum Power

Spectra has a maximum vacuum power of 270 mmHg, while Motif Luna has a maximum vacuum power of 280 mmHg. Although there’s a slight difference in the vacuum powers, many moms report that they produce more milk in a short time when pumping with Motif Luna.

Spare Parts Availability

Spectra is quite an old company. So, it’s pretty easy to find or buy their spare parts online or in retail shops. Motif Luna is new in the market. Thus, getting their original spare parts is not easy unless you are lucky enough to get their original spare parts from Amazon or its official website.

As for price, Motif’sMotif’s spare parts are pretty more affordable than Spectra. So, anytime you bump into original Motif spare parts, it’s good to pile up. Alternatively, you can opt for other breast pump brands with a closed system like these two.

Pump Setting

Both Spectra and Motif Luna have more adjustable pump settings than other common brands. However, they are different in terms of available cycle speed. Generally, Spectra provides a higher cycle speed than Motif Luna.

Spectra cycle speed is fixed at 70 CPM while Motif Luna’sLuna’s is 60 CPM. Similarly, the expression mode’s cycle speed differs between the two brands. Spectra expression mode cycle speed ranges between 38-54 CPM, while Motif Luna’sLuna’s is between 30-46 CPM. Why is the expression and massage mode significant?

Not all moms are the same. Every mother responds differently to a specific cycle speed. There are moms who respond better by using faster speed, pumping, and yielding more breast milk. Then others react better to a slower speed, pumping and producing more breast milk. Depending on which side you lie, choose a breast pump with a cycle speed that you responds better to.

To know which cycle you respond better to, go for the one that imitates your child’s sucking rhythm best.


Spectra is pretty affordable compared to Motif Luna. Motif’sMotif’s higher price could result from it being a newcomer and may get lower and stabilize with time. But the good thing is that most breast pumps are covered by insurance. So, it’s easy to obtain a pump for free or pay something small.

Night Light

Both Spectra and Motif Luna have night lights. However, Spectra’s night light has two levels, whereas Motif has three levels. Some moms also like Motif’s nightlight as it’s dimmer and not highly bright to use in darkness.

Spectra vs Motif Luna


Which is better: Spectra or Motif Luna? Both brands are highly rated, recommended by many, and have unique features like safety, night light, closed system, etc.

If you are looking for a simple and reliable breast pump that you can carry along, Motif Luna seems a great choice. It has a comfortable design and is slimmer, making it more portable and relatively easy to use.

But if you want a more advanced pump, Spectra may do you justice. It is more advanced, a hospital-grade pump with variable flow rates and different cup sizes, and cheaper than Motif Luna. Spectra spare parts are also readily available.