Pampers Complete Clean vs Sensitive

Pampers Complete Clean vs Sensitive: Baby Wipes Comparison

Once you have a baby, wipes become a must-have item in your house. Whether your baby poops or has dirt on their hands, the first thing you’ll use to clean them is a wipe. And since we’re big advocates of natural and organic things, we’d want the same for our babies. 

But with many wipe brands out there, at different price points, all claiming to be made of natural ingredients, it may be challenging to choose the best wipe for your kid. This article reviews two popular wipes of Pampers brand: Pampers Complete Clean vs Pampers Sensitive. But before we move to that, it’s crucial to know what to look for when buying baby wipes.

Pampers Complete Clean vs Sensitive

Review Of Pampers Complete Clean vs Sensitive: Which Is Better

Pampers Complete Clean


Pampers Complete Clean contains a water-based cleansing formula with 97% water in its base. The water enhances the wipe’s texture and gives it the wetness needed for gentle cleaning. 

The wipe’s material is made of polypropylene and regenerated cellulose. Polypropylene is a soft, high-performance fiber that offers the wipes strength and flexibility. Regenerated cellulose is composed of soft, fluffy fibers that aid in absorbing liquid from your baby’s bottom.

Pampers Complete Clean is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and free from latex, parabens, perfume, alcohol, and phenoxyethanol. 


Pampers Complete Clean is made of a soft, cloth-like material that is flexible, has high absorbency, is gentle, and doesn’t break or clump. 


Pampers Complete Clean is four times stronger than other leading Us wipes subbrands. The strength makes it very durable and efficient at cleaning all your kid’s mess. 


Pampers Complete Clean has a gentle water-based cleanser. The cleanser consists of 97% purified water, making the wipes gentle on baby skin and preventing contamination. However, some people have complained that Pampers Complete Clean is dry and sometimes gets stuck when performing its job.

Pampers Sensitive


Like Pampers Complete Clean, Pampers Sensitive consists of 97% water in its base cleansing formula, improving its texture and moisture content.

Pampers Sensitive material is made of high-performance polypropylene fibers that are soft, gentle, and thoroughly clean your baby’s bottom. The regenerated cellulose gives the wipes’ fiber its soft and fluffy feeling. It also provides the wipes with high absorbency qualities like a cloth material.

Pampers Sensitive contains a pH-balancing lotion. It’s also free from latex, parabens, perfumes, alcohol, and phenoxyethanol. 

Pampers Sensitive is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.  It was also independently reviewed and approved as skin safe by Skin Health Alliance.


Like the other wipes, Pampers Sensitive is made of a flexible, soft, cloth-like material that has high absorbency, is gentle, and doesn’t break or clump. 


Pampers Sensitive is 20% thicker than other US subbrands, making it easy to gently clean your baby’s sensitive skin.


Pampers Sensitive cleanser is water-based with 97% water, making it gentle on your baby’s skin. It also contains a pH-balancing lotion that helps maintains your child’s natural pH.

What To Consider When Shopping for Baby Wipes

Put these tips in mind when you go hunting for wipes:


Although there may be a difference in a few brands, wipes contain nearly the same ingredients. Some manufacturers may add more chemicals than required, some of which may be harmful to your kid’s skin. 

Avoid buying wipes with these ingredients, phthalates, parabens (added for fragrance), Cocamidopropyl betaine (may cause skin irritation and allergic contact dermatitis), and phenoxyethanol (may cause eye, skin, and lung irritation). 

Ingredients considered safe by the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database include glycerin, water, aloe vera extracts, lavender, lemon, tea tree oils, and chamomilla Recutita flower extracts. 


Wipes with strong yet soft materials absorb and wipe away pee or poo gently from your baby’s skin. Such fibers are highly absorbent, feel gentle on kid’s skin, are soft and flexible, and don’t clump or break (which may result in friction). 

All wipes feel soft at first touch. So, try to find out how they will feel after 2 to 3 use to make a sound judgment. Are they still gentle, or do they feel harsh? 


Strength and durability are vital things to consider when hunting for wipes. Stronger and more durable wipes are big, thick, and perform the job better without getting torn or becoming overly stretched. Thin and porous wipes can easily get pulled, making you use more wipes or leaving your hands dirty after a diaper change. 

So, buy large, extra-thick wipes that effectively wipe your baby’s bottom. 

Special Wipes

Not all babies are the same. And so are their skin types. Some have normal and others dry. Depending on your kid’s skin type, you may want to opt for wipes that best suit them. If they have normal skin, they can do well on different wipes. But be alert if your kid has sensitive skin.

In that case, you may want to buy wipes for sensitive skin. These wipes don’t contain harmful chemicals like chlorine and alcohol, which may irritate baby skin or heighten diaper rash. Avoid fragrant wipes, too, as they tend to cause irritation. Look for fragrant-free wipes made of natural ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe vera. 


Moisture is a subtle and subjective quality in wipes. And hitting the suitable moisture composition is crucial. Look for wipes that have the right moisture balance, not too dry or too wet. Wipes that are too wet can drip when they shouldn’t, while the two dry ones may not do the job effectively.

Pampers Complete Clean vs Sensitive


Both Pampers Complete Clean and Pampers Sensitive are great. They are water-based and made of non-harmful materials. 

Pampers Complete Clean doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is durable, hypoallergenic, and dermatological tested. It can suit your child if they have a normal skin type. However, it may not be great for kids with sensitive skin. 

As the name suggests, Pampers Sensitive is great for kids with extremely sensitive skin. These wipes are water-based, don’t contain harmful chemicals, and are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Besides all that, they are accredited as skin safe by Skin Health Alliance and have a pH balancing lotion that helps maintain your kid’s natural skin pH.