Names That Mean Poison

Names That Mean Poison: Unique and Intriguing Options for Girls and Boys

A person’s name is more than just a name. It can symbolize power, strength, menace, and even beauty. While many names are derived from popular culture and folklore, some have double meanings that people may or may not know about. 

These clever words come from different parts of the world and cultures. Here’s a list of some fascinating names that mean poison.

Names That Mean Poison

Girl Names That Mean Poison

There are many girl names that mean poison. Some are toxic or lethal, while others have a negative connotation. Below are some girls’ names that may mean poison that you can give to your daughters.


Halima is a name that is quite common in the Middle East but has recently made its way over to North America. Basically, it has two meanings based on the contest. Foremost Halima can mean patience and gratefulness.

She will significantly help her parents and always do her best to make them happy by being patient, generous, and honest. Generally, she is a good friend you can always rely on. If you want your daughter to be one of those special people who always put others before themselves, give her this beautiful name.

Similarly, the name Halima can also mean poison spewing. Daughters with this name can be sensitive to different things. They could be easily affected by other people’s emotions and moods. Needless to say, Halima could also be a girl who stands strong for her rights and beliefs.


Although this name is not commonly used in English, it is still popular in Latin cultures because it means “belonging to the nightshade family.” In fact, this name has been used in English since the 15th century and means “belonging to the nightshade family” or “poisonous.”


Rafflesia is a genus of flowering plants that includes some of the world’s largest and most toxic flowers. The plant has no leaves but features up to 60 individual flowers per stem. The flowers are extremely toxic and can kill animals that eat them.

If you’re looking for a name that is the perfect combination of regal and royal, then Rafflesia could be your go-to. This name may not mean poison, but it does mean “rare beauty.” 

A few girls named Rafflesia in America hail from all over the world, so if you want to give your daughter an exotic name that will make her stand out from the crowd, this could be just what she needs.

Boy Names That Mean Poison

There are several boy names that mean poison. These names have historically been used for boys born with the male equivalent of a female name that means poison.

Ideally, these names are for your sons who never stop moving. They always want to be the center of attention. Here are some of these names;


Is your little guy a bit of a daredevil? If so, he might be the perfect name for him. Ivy is a name that means poison ivy and comes from the plant itself. 

Furthermore, Ivy is a name that will always be in style and never go out of style. Despite its meaning, poison, it has no bad connotations.


The name Mamba means Poison in Swahili. It is a relatively rare name, but it has gained popularity over the last few years due to its usage in the film industry. Basically, mamba is an African name that translates to “poison.”

Mamba is also the nickname for one of the deadliest and fastest snakes in Africa, which can grow up to 30 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds.


Rancor is a venomous, poisonous, or pestilent liquid. It is a common charge for poisoners and assassins; likewise, bitterest feuds appear in novels and plays by Shakespeare, who seems to have been deeply interested in the subject.

You may use the name Rancor for an intelligent boy who tends to be self-centered, selfish, and critical of others. The name also describes a boy who can be bitter toward people he does not like, especially if they are his parents.

Needless to say, they have a lot of venom in their minds, but they never show it openly. 


The viper is a poisonous reptile usually portrayed as a symbol of power and evil. However, the name “viper” has been used for centuries to refer to someone with a venomous bite, and it continues to be a popular nickname for boys.

There are two reasons why this name may be appealing to you:

  • It’s short, easy to say, pronounce, and spell.


  • It sounds more dangerous than it is — just like your son.


Normally, this is the name of a boy who is not afraid of anything and will do what he wants without thinking twice. He may be fearless, but he is also quick-tempered and has no patience for people unwilling to give it they’re all.


This is a synonym for poison and can be used as a boy or a pet name in various communities. However, in Latin, venom means a magical power or charm. So, if you name your boy venom, it may imply how fearless and convincing he can be.


Hemlock is a poison originally used by ancient Greeks to murder whistleblowers and prisoners. So, if you name your boy hemlock, it will significantly imply how poisonous they can be positive.  

Still, it was used to terminate Socrates and Thera Menes.


Basically, in India, Hali Maka means poison spewing. So, it is also one of the common names given to baby boys whose parents want their names to signify greatness.


You can also add spite to your son’s name. Ideally, spite is the act of seeing someone under stress, how they struggle and how they behave. Such that they behave like they have consumed a poisonous substance.

Bottom Line

Now you know a few names for your villain. Or maybe you’re looking for a name for your new puppy or kitten. Either way, keep this name in mind: poison can be used as a potent weapon or can be ingested and cause great harm to the body. It’s up to you how this word is used—ensure it’s used responsibly.