How To Know If Your Child's Father Still Loves You

Signs Your Child’s Father Still Loves You

When you have a child with a man, many women wish to bring him up together and continue loving each other.

Sometimes, things don’t work out that way, and you end up breaking up. If you are not living with your child’s father, you may not be sure whether he still loves you. When your man is still in love with you, some telltale signs show it. In this article, we look at some signs that your child’s father still loves you. 

How To Know If Your Child’s Father Still Loves You

How He Treats You

If your child’s father treats you respectfully during and after pregnancy, tell you whether he loves you. During pregnancy, your body experiences various changes; physical and emotional. A man who loves you will stand with you during this challenging time. In some cases, a pregnant woman could have behaviors that irritate the man, and if he can tolerate such behaviors, the man could be in love with her. 

How He Talks To You

A man who loves you will talk to you respectfully, in private and public. He will not blackmail, intimidate, or manipulate you when talking to you. He will be reassuring, supportive, positive, and appreciative of you. 

He Supports You

If your child’s father is still in love with you, he will seek to support you in your endeavors and support your child. It could be financial, emotional, or even material support. During difficult times, a man who loves you will offer a shoulder to lean on. 

He Appreciates You

If your child’s father appreciates you, he could be in love with you. A man in love will appreciate your efforts every step of the way. He does not vilify the small steps you take on the way. After birth, your physical body will change. For instance, you may add weight, and breasts could sag. A man who loves you will appreciate you even in your changed body. 

Attitude Towards Your Friends And Family

When your child’s father still loves you, he will have a positive attitude towards your family and friends, will not separate you from them, and won’t make you hate them. If you see your baby daddy encouraging you to withdraw from your contacts, it could be a red flag in your relationship.


If you are still friends with your child’s father, can work as a team, and have a bond, he could still be in love with you. If he still trusts you and can proudly talk about you to his family and friends, the man still loves you. 

Concern About Your Welfare

Some baby daddies have to be dragged to court to support their children. If he cares for you and your child without much ado, he could still be in love with you. He is concerned with how you are faring and gets disturbed when things are not okay with you. 

Jealous Or Possessive

A child’s father who still loves you could be possessive or jealous of you. He might even tend to stalk you. Though some levels of jealousy could be acceptable, excess possessiveness is dangerous and indicates a more serious mental issue. If he threatens your life, you should consider reporting to authorities for your safety. A jealous lover might threaten any other person you try dating or anyone who shows interest in you. 

He Keeps Your Items

One primary indication that your child’s father has not yet gotten over you is that he keeps your items even when you are not together. For instance, if he still has a gift item you bought, he could still be in love with you. Letting go of that item feels like getting you to go. 

He Hasn’t Moved On

Your child’s father could find it hard to start dating another person if he is still in love with you. In cases where he gets another girlfriend, he may find it hard to commit to her and end up breaking relationships or could find it hard to let you go. 

If He Says So

We live in a world where people are used to lies. But the truth is that some people are honest in their conversations and mean every word they speak. If you are lucky enough to have such a baby daddy, then you could trust it when he says he loves you. 

When To Let Go

If you are still unsure whether your child’s father still loves you or not, these tips could help you know when he is over with you. 

  • If he abuses you physically, emotionally, digitally, or verbally, he is no longer in love with you.
  • If he threatens, coerces, or manipulates you, he doesn’t love you. 
  • When he starts dating again, move on. His heart has found a new home. 
  • If he disrespects you, your family, or your friends, he may have stopped loving you. 
  • When he no longer cares about your welfare and no longer offers any form of support in your time of need. 
  • He is no longer excited to be in your company. 
  • When he stops communicating with you, he is over you.
  • When he tells you, his friends or family, he doesn’t love you anymore, he could mean precisely that.
  • When he disposes of anything that reminds him of you. For instance, he deletes photos and videos together, gifts you had bought him, or even moves from your neighborhood. 
  • When you are no longer happy in the relationship. If the friendship, chemistry, teamwork, and feelings are gone, you two are no longer in love. 

In conclusion, when your child’s father is still in love with you, you will know it through his actions or words. The way he treats you, your family, and friends, the way he talks, whether he is concerned with your welfare, supports or even tells you that he loves you. Similarly, his actions could make you know when he no longer loves you.