Jimmy Mustard

Unraveling The Mystery Of Jimmy Mustard: The Popular Condiment

Mustard has become increasingly popular these days. It is one of the most sought-after condiments on many restaurant tables. And if you fancy sandwiches and have eaten a sandwich from Jimmy John’s, chances are high you’ve eaten Jimmy Mustard. And this may leave you wondering, what kind of mustard do they use?

According to most people, yellow mustard is the standard basic choice. But for most of Jimmy’s customers, the famous Jimmy hits different and is the real deal. So, what’s this  Mustard? Continue reading to unravel the Jimmy Mustard most people love and everything there is to it.

Jimmy Mustard

What Is Jimmy Mustard?

As the name suggests, Jimmy Mustard is special mustard developed by Jimmy John’s, an American cold-cut and sandwich chain restaurant. This mustard is whole-grain, brown in color, and has a ground-paste consistency with a good crunch. The crunch and great texture are due to Jimmy’s whole grain seeds on the mustard.  Mustard is mostly considered old-school deli mustard. This makes it good at offering a distinctive texture and flavor, making it perfect for sandwiches, salads, etc.

What Does Jimmy Mustard Taste Like?

Jimmy Mustard has an almost similar taste to Dijon Mustard. However, it provides more heat with a spicier kick. Jimmy  is also crunchier, thanks to the whole grain seeds. Generally, this mustard seems like a whole grain Dijon mix, combining the two mustard unique flavor profiles while adding crunch and texture.

Besides Dijon, Mustard is also comparable to Grey Poupon Mustard. The two have an almost similar taste, except that Jimmy’s Mustard has a milder and tamer taste and heat, unlike the original Grey Poupon. So, if you don’t like Jimmy, the second-best alternative would be spicy brown mustard. This mustard is a classic yellow and stone-ground mustard, providing a unique flavor with a little crunch for texture.

Can You Make Jimmy Mustard At Home?

Jimmy John’s company produces Jimmy Mustard. As such, there’s no legitimate recipe made available to the public. So, we cannot know how Jimmy Mustard is made. But, we can experiment and try to make something similar at home. Remember making the mustard at home doesn’t guarantee it will taste like Mustard. And that’s okay since you’re not after perfection. But being consistent at trying your hands on it can lead to good results.

Learning to make condiments at home is a good and rewarding process, yielding maximum exposure to your taste buds. Here are other reasons why making your own mustard at home is good.

  • The freedom of controlling the ingredients you’ll use to make your mustard at home will give it unparalleled flavor. You can choose to prepare it as mild or spicy as you like. This is unlike the store-bought, which may have some ingredients overpowering the taste of others, like too much vinegar, etc.
  • Unlike store-bought, homemade mustard saves money. And once you get used to preparing and storing mustard at home, it’ll become your second nature, and you won’t see the reason for buying again.
  • Homemade mustard is healthier than store-bought. The absence of sugars and preservatives (which can cause allergies and other health consequences) in homemade versions makes all the difference.
  • Homemade mustard lets you preserve the flavors of authentic ingredients, which usually deteriorate when stored for long, as in store-bought. This is especially crucial for herbs and spices whose taste and aroma don’t keep well for long in a jar.

Sometime back, people marvel at the idea of buying almost everything from the stores. But nowadays, many are embracing the concept of making their stuff at home. And that’s why people opt to make homemade mustard versions at home.

If you’d also like to make your mustard at home, know that it’s not rocket science. And there are many recipes that you can find online, providing specific details and procedures to be followed. So, get to the ground and do your homework.

Where Can You Use Jimmy Mustard?

Although many are used to using Mustard on sandwiches, there are various ways of utilizing it. So, feel free to use it the way you use regular mustard. If you prefer having the mustard in your cheese, dips, and meats, or using it as a dressing, go ahead and do so. The crunch texture, subtle heat, and tangy taste make Jimmy Mustard ideal to use on a wide variety of foods, not just burgers and deli meats.

Can You Buy Jimmy Mustard?

Yes, you can buy Jimmy John’s Mustard. This condiment can be purchased at any Jimmy John’s branch for a couple of dollars. Note that the prices may vary according to locations, and some franchises may not have mustard in their store. So, it’s crucial to first inquire from your local Jimmy John’s stores whether they stock this mustard. A simple phone call would let you know the availability and retail price.

You can also opt to look for Jimmy Mustard online. And although most online stores don’t sell this condiment, sometimes luck may be on your side, and you get one that sells. It would also not harm you if you tried browsing for Jimmy Mustard online. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

When buying Jimmy, remember to look at the ingredients and nutritional information on the package. This can help you know the ingredients used in case you are allergic to certain preservatives or additives. Besides, you’ll also learn about the mustard’s nutrition information. This can come in handy if you are on a weight loss program and don’t want to exceed specific amounts of calories per day. Thus, you’ll make a more informed decision.

Jimmy Mustard


Jimmy Mustard is a popular whole-grain brown mustard with an almost similar taste to Dijon Mustard. However, it’s crunchier with more heat and a spicier kick. It’s produced by Jimmy John’s, who has made a name for themselves in creating mustard and the restaurant business. Jimmy Mustard is like traditional deli mustard, so feel free to use it the way you use regular mustard.