Ready Set Food vs SpoonfulONE

Ready Set Food vs SpoonfulONE: Infant Allergen Prevention

Ready Set Food vs SpoonfulONE: Have you ever heard of allergen introduction plans? You are not alone if you are surprised about the new infant allergen introduction programs. With research bodies carrying out studies more often, further information emerges, replacing old guidelines. It may be scary thinking of introducing top allergenic foods like eggs, peanuts, and dairy to a young infant. But recent research proves that doing so is commendable. 

So, what are food allergy prevention programs? How do they work? And which food allergy prevention program is the best? Read on!

Ready Set Food vs SpoonfulONE

What Is a Food Allergy Prevention Program?

A food allergy prevention program is a simple yet convenient way of introducing potentially allergenic foods to your baby. 

In the past, parents were advised (by experts) not to introduce common allergenic foods to their babies until they reach one year. But recent studies reveal something very different. Early and consistent introduction of allergenic foods is crucial in allowing your kid’s immune system to recognize them and prevent food allergies. 

You may wonder, why not give my baby a puree consisting of a mixture of the actual allergenic foods? Most experts advise parents to begin the programs as early as four months. Babies are usually exclusively breastfeeding during that time, and solid foods have not been introduced. So, giving them actual food might not work. Instead, the programs help parents introduce allergens slowly and safely. 

Who Should Use a Food Allergy Prevention Program? 

Any parent who is concerned about preventing allergies in their kids can benefit from the programs. Edmond Chan, the head of the allergy and immunology division at Vancouver’s BC Children’s Hospital, says. “The concept behind these products is based on sound evidence.” Chan further says, “there are a lot nuances and devil-in-the-details issues,.” The nuances and devil in details issues can confuse the average parent. And that’s one of the reasons experts are divided on whether to support their use or not. 

Chan continues, “some of my colleagues are quite against these commercial products. They feel it over-medicalizes the act of introducing new foods.” This over-medicalization can lead to stress over the introduction of foods milestone. Then there’s the cost issue, where a one-month supply may cost $20 to $90.

Another assistant professor in the allergy and clinical immunology section at the University of Manitoba, Elissa Abrams, is also concerned about how healthy the products are. Abrams notes that some products contain sugar which is not recommended in children below one year. 

So, introducing a food prevention allergen program is fine in its essence. But knowing what you are giving your child is the most crucial thing. Which brings us to the question: which food allergen prevention program is better, Ready Set Food or SpoonfulONE?

To Ready Set Food vs. Spoonfullone Review: Overview, Similarities, and Differences 

Ready Set Food: Overview 

They Ready Set Food was formulated by two professional doctors (a couple) who had first-hand experience introducing allergenic foods to their children. Soon, they realized a gap in the industry and decided to monetize the idea. Their aim was to help parents have a safe way of introducing the most common three allergens to their kids, reducing their likelihood of developing allergies. 

By introducing the three allergens gradually using a two-step process one at a time, Ready Set Food conforms to the advice of USDA dietary guidelines and the American Academy of Pediatrics on the gradual introduction of allergens to kids below one year. 

Step one involves your child being introduced to cow’s milk for 1 to 4 days. On days 5 to 8, your kid will be introduced to eggs; they’ll have milk and eggs. Then peanut from day 9 to 11, making them have milk, eggs, and peanut. Next, your baby enters the maintenance phase, where they’ll be consuming the three allergens every day for six months, ensuring a proper immune response. 

SpoonfulONE: Overview 

SpoonfulONE, developed by two moms, a leading pediatric allergist and a scientist, is a dietary supplement to prevent allergies in children. The supplement is designed for a food allergy prevention program, with each of its servings having all the food groups causing over 90% of food allergies. Each brand product contains a foundational food blend consisting of 16 common allergenic foods. 

By introducing many foods at once, SpoonfulONE urges that the immune cells in your kid’s stomach will start to recognize each food and treat them as regular food and not allergens. Each packet of SpoonfulONE supplement contains 16 foods, covering 90% of food allergies, and one is required to ingest one pack every day for one year.

Similarities Between Ready Set Food And SpoonfulONE


Both brands are popular and reliable and produce safe, scientifically-backed early allergen introduction products for infants and toddlers. 


Ready Set Food and SpoonfulONE products are easy to ingest, and their instructions are straightforward.

Duration Of Use

Both the brands recommend their consumers use their products for at least six months. 


SpoonfulONE and Ready Set Food have been endorsed by professionals and have numerous positive reviews. 

Differences Between Ready Set Food And SpoonfulONE

Number Of Allergens 

Ready Set Food introduces your baby to three allergens; cow’s milk, eggs, and peanut. SpoonfulONE introduces your child to 16 allergens. They include cow’s milk, shrimp, peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnut, walnut, pecan, pistachio, eggs, soy, oats, wheat, and fish (salmon and cod), and sesame. 

Allergen Introduction Method 

Ready Set Food introduces the allergens slowly one at a time, starting with cow’s milk for four days, followed by eggs for four days, then peanut for three days. As for SpoonfulONE, all the 16 allergens are introduced at once altogether. 

Product Variation 

Ready Set Food has all its products as powder mix-ins only. SpoonfulONE program grows with your baby. Your child can start with mix-ins at four months, progress to puffs at six months, crunchy puffs at nine months, and oat crackers above one year.

Ready Set Food vs SpoonfulONE

Final Verdict

Ready Set Food vs SpoonfulONE All said, both brands are incredible, offering safe and scientifically-backed products for introducing allergen to kids. While parents can choose to introduce allergen foods to their kids by themselves, that’s not recommended and can be risky if not done correctly.

So, the option remains to choose commercially-made allergens. If you prefer taking the whole process slow, go for Ready Set Food. They introduce allergens slowly, one at a time. However, if you’d like to expose your child to many allergens at once to increase their immune response, choose SpoonfulONE.