Names That Mean Thorn

Names That Mean Thorn

With many names to choose from, trying to find the best and most elegant for your little one can be challenging. Names are a subjective concept, and what one person thinks is sophisticated and classy, the other might think the exact opposite.

Thorn embodies nuances of life and reflects one of the most enduring ancient symbols. And although thorn is often seen as a symbol of hardship, it can sometimes be used to celebrate the beauty in hurtful moments as an inspiring appellation to remind a baby that there’s much value in taking good with the bad.

This article discusses various names that have “thorn” in their meaning.

Names That Mean Thorn


Acantha is a Latinized form of the Greek feminine name Aκανθα which means thorn or prickle. It remains unknown if the Greek legend of Acantha being a nymph is an ancient tale or something the Victorians made up. Acantha is said to have rebuffed Apollo, who then turned her into a thorny plant.


Eiporn is a boy’s name meaning spike, thorn, thornbush, mistress, or love.


This is a Sanskirt masculine name meaning free from thorns, troubles, or enemies.


Arantxa is a feminine Basque name that means thornbush or a Marian shrine.


This is a Greek mythology girl’s name and another version of Acantha that means thorn.


Arantza is a Basque feminine name that means thorn, hawthorn, or in relation to a Marian shrine.


This is a feminine name that means thorn, passion, endurance, and the name of the River Severn.


Funda is a Turkish girl’s name that means shrub with thorns or brier.


Gerthon is a boy’s name that means thorn, spike, thornbush, wall, stone, or spear. Other versions include Gerton, Hjerton, and Girton.


Guaporn is a boy’s name that means thorn, thornbush, or spike.


Like Guaporn, Hagporn is a male name meaning thorn, thornbush, or spike.


Hain is a male name that means hawthorn tree. Another version of this name is Haynes.


This is a male’s name that means from where hawthorn trees grow.


Like Hawthorn, Hawthorne means from where hawthorn trees grow. This name can also be used to mean a hawthorn tree.


Acacia is an English name that means thorny Egyptian tree, or not evil. Acacia is also an Indian female name with the same meaning as the English version. However, in Spanish Acacia is a girl’s name meaning thorny.


This is a Welsh girl’s name meaning thorny cactus or the name of a river. Another version of this name is Hafren.


This is a Latin girl’s name that means thorny cactus.


Shamir is an English or Indian boy’s name that means thorn, a message, or tidings.


Thorley is an Indian or English boy’s name that means thorn bush settlements. Another version includes Thornton.


Vinkur is an Indian boy’s name that refers to a plant without thorns.


Coz is a Hebrew boy’s name that means a thorn.


This is an Indian girl’s name that means thorn for the world.


Seneh is a Hebrew name that means thorn bush. This name can either be used as a boy’s or girl’s name.


This is an Old English boy’s name that means thorn tree.


Thorntun is an English boy’s name that means from the thorn tree.


Varina is an English girl’s name that means thorn.


This is an Arabic boy’s name that means thorn.


Ahoah is a modern boy’s name that means a live brother, my thorn, or thistle.


Akantak is a boy’s name that means thornless.


Atad is a modern boy’s name that means a thorn.


This is a modern girl’s name that means thorny. Kacia can be used as a short form of Acacia.


Kaisha is a modern girl’s name meaning point, thorn, or spine.


Sabra is a modern girl’s name that means to rest or thorny cactus.


This is a modern boy’s name that means royal thorn or master of the empire.


Thorndike is a modern boy’s name that means thorny embankment.

Other Elegant Names to Give Your Baby


This is a Sanskrit female name that means freedom, security, or entirely boundless. In the Hindu religion, Aditi is a goddess and the personification of the boundless infinity of the universe. She’s the mother of 33 sons, including a group of 12 gods called Adityas, and rides the skies on a phoenix.


This is the feminine version of the Greek male name Alexander, meaning defender of man. Throughout history, Alexandra has been the name of several princesses. The link to royalty is one of the things that makes Alexandra a top choice for a girl’s name.


Anastasia is a Russian form of a Greek name that means resurrection. Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas 11, who was the last loyal sovereign of Russia. There have been rumors circulating for decades now that she survived the execution of her family in 1918, although the rumors have been disproved.


This is an Old English name meaning cheerful or joyous. Blythe was the name of an American fashion doll, made in 1972 and sold for one year. When the doll’s string was pulled, her eyes changed color.


Clarissa is an Italian version of Clarice, which means clear, famous, and bright. After her detention in an asylum without the required legal process and paperwork, Clarissa Caldwell Lathrop, an American social reformer, dedicated her life to improving laws.


This is an Old French name that means loved. Esme started as a gender-neutral name but is now slowly exclusively seen as a girl’s name. Currently, there are about 14 Esme’s in the US.


Miranda is a Dutch name meaning admirable or wonderful. And although Miranda was the heroine’s name in Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest,” it didn’t see much use as a forename until the 20th century.


If you’d like your baby to have a name with a thorn in the meaning, there are many names of that kind discussed in this article. Feel free to use them or gain inspiration from them.