How To Wash Snuggle Me Organic

Washing Guide for Snuggle Me Organic Products: Tips, Stain Removal, and Care Instructions

Before purchasing an item, one of the primary things you want to ensure is the ease of washing. This is understandable as it would be wasteful to buy an item that cannot be washed or is challenging to wash. Snuggle Me organic products are made of 100% cotton and can be machine or hand-washed safely.

These products are loungers, pillows, swaddles, covers, and paddle pads. Understanding the features of Snuggle Me organic products is crucial before delving into how to wash them. It would help if you understood the laundry stains and how to wash them off. 

Features Of Snuggle Me Organic 

  • They are made of organic cotton fabric.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They are machine washable.
  • They have unique designs and are specially designed for infants.
  • They are lightweight and hence portable. 
  • The snuggle me organic lounger is designed to hug an infant mimicking the mother’s womb.
  • They are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. 

How To Wash Snuggle Me Organic

Machine Wash

Snuggle me Organic is machine washable on delicate cycles at low temperatures. You can follow the below steps when washing your Snuggle Me products;

  • Place your item in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and turn on the cold temperature. 
  • Add a detergent free from optical brightness to prevent colors from fading. Please do not add the detergent directly to the items; pour it into a separate chamber. 
  • After washing thoroughly, put the item in the tumble dryer or air dry. It is important to note that covers should not be tumble dried as they can shrink. 
  • To ensure that they are well dried, air dries them. For loungers and pillows, dry them flat but for covers, swaddles, and pads, you could either dry them flat or hang them. 

Hand Washing

When your machine is out of order or can’t access one, you can wash your Snuggle Me Organic items by hand. To deep wash the fabric, soak them in a basin of cold water with mild detergent for one hour. Wash the item gently, ensuring you don’t overstretch or destroy the fabric. Dry them flat or hang them according to the item. 

Stubborn Stains

When handling a young one, you are likely to mess up their items with food, drinks, dirt, pee, and poop. Some stains are easy to clean, while others are hard to deal with. Those stubborn stains can not come out with a machine wash. You will require stain removers such as white vinegar before you use the remover on a small patch to test its effectiveness. If it does not react negatively, you can soak the item for some minutes before the machine or hand washing.

Reshaping Loungers

Sometimes loungers lose shape after washing, which should not worry you unless the damage is bad enough to be repaired. To restore the form, pinch the corners and fluff the lounger, flattening it at the center. 

Classification Of Stains

When washing fabric, you are likely to encounter a stain. It is paramount to understand how stains are categorized to wash off stains properly. They can be classified into five broad categories; 


These are animal-based stains such as blood, sweat, eggs, dairy products, urine, stool, and cheese. To wash out these stains, pour a little detergent on the patch and wash with cold water until it’s cleared. Avoid using hot water as it might make the color permanent. They are easy to clean and may not require special stain removers. 


These are animal, plant, or automotive oil-based stains caused by elements such as lotion, mayonnaise, deodorants, butter, and lard. Soak them in a laundry detergent and wash them with hot water to wash them off. Ensure the stain is thoroughly washed off before drying, as this would make the stain stick permanently. 


Tannin stains are caused by juice, beer, tea, coffee, and washable inks. And permanent marker tips. Start by rinsing the stain in cold water and then wash with hot water. Washing these stains with soap-based detergents will make them permanent. You should therefore use nonsoap pretreatment detergent if the stain does not clear. 


Dye stains emanate from items such as grass, ink, and jellies. They are stubborn and require pretreatment before washing with hot water. You could also soak them in bleach if the garment is color-safe. 


These are stains made of two or more categories listed above. They include shoe polish, candle wax, crayons, tomato sauce, and ketchup. In such an instance, treat them like an oil stain before removing the dye. 

Summarized Tips On Washing Snuggle Me Organic

Having understood the type of stain you are dealing with, below are some tips to help you maintain your Snuggle Me Organic in proper shape and ensure durability; 

  • Avoid using harsh detergents on your fabrics. Opt for one that has no optical brightness. 
  • Identify stains and follow the appropriate steps when washing them off. 
  • Avoid using bleach on colored fabrics, as it can cause them to fade. 
  • Avoid tumble drying swaddles and covers; hang or dry them flat. 
  • Avoid hanging pillows and loungers. It could lead them to lose shape. 
  • Remove covers from the loungers and pillows before putting them in the washing machine. 
  • Wash on delicate cycles, and cold water settings as heat could cause cotton to shrink. In case of shrinkage, wash with cold water, stretch gently, then dry flat. 
  • If you are not conversant with the procedure of washing a particular stain, consider seeking advice from professional launderers. 
  • Air dry Snuggle Me Organic items after tumble drying to ensure it is well done. 

In conclusion, Snuggle Me Organic products are made of 100% cotton that is easy to wash and can either be hand or machine washed. Ensure that you use cold water and delicate cycles while laundering.