How Long to Bake Chicken Wings At 400?

How Long to Bake Chicken Wings At 400?

What comes to your mind when you think of chicken wings? For most people, it’s the crispy and tender meat, sticky sauce, dipping, salty french fries, and some coke accompanying it. There are many ways of preparing chicken wings, but baking is the easiest, healthiest, and most convenient.

Regarding baking chicken wings, temperature and time are the two most crucial aspects to ensure your dish doesn’t come out a disaster. So, how long should you bake chicken wings at 400? Stay here to learn how long to bake chicken wings at 400 and everything there is to it.

How Long To Bake Chicken Wings At 400?

Generally, it takes between 40 and 50 minutes to bake chicken wings at 400 degrees. However, various types of chicken wings can lead to different cooking times. They include:

Defrosted/Fresh Chicken Wings

Fresh chicken wings or those that have been in the cooler for a couple of hours or completely defrosted are easy to bake. These chicken wings will take about 40 minutes to bake in a 400 degrees Fahrenheit preheated oven.

If you want crispier chicken wings, leave them in the oven for an additional 30 to 35 minutes. You’ll end up with extra crunchy and crispy chicken wings.

Semi-Defrosted Chicken Wings

It’s not recommended to bake frozen chicken wings. So, always defrost your meat for 12 to 24 hours before baking them as you would fresh chicken wings.

However, if you have a busy schedule, you can cheat by defrosting the wings for at least six hours in the fridge or 2 to 3 hours at room temperature. This is what constitutes semi-defrosted chicken wings.

Semi-defrosted chicken wings will take 20-30% more time than fresh ones. It will take 65 to 70 minutes to bake them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whole Chicken Wings

Baking a whole chicken wing retains the juices and the chicken’s tenderness. However, this will take longer, especially the drumette part, as it’s bigger and thicker.

So, baking a whole wing at 400 degrees will take 50 minutes. Remember to flip the wings around halftime. Doing so will give you crispy chicken wings and tender meat.

Pieces Of Chicken Wings 

Cutting the entire wing to separate pieces has its advantages. One, it will ensure the wings attain the perfect crispiness, adding more flavor to the dish.

Note that the smaller the pieces, the less time it will take to bake them. So, baking pieces of chicken wings at 400 degrees will take about 40 minutes. Remember to flip the wings at 20 minutes to ensure they’re evenly baked.

How To Bake Chicken Wings At 400

For this recipe, you’ll need the following:

  • Fresh chicken wings – buy those labeled party wings, as they are divided into flats and drumettes, and have the tips removed.
  • Butter – use salted butter for more savory wings. You can also use unsalted butter or spray your chicken with oil instead.
  • Black pepper and kosher salt – feel free to use fine salt, but remember to use a little of it. Otherwise, your meat may end up too salty.
  • Spices – use garlic powder and paprika. You can also use smoked paprika, onion powder instead of garlic, or any of your preferred seasonings.


  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line two rimmed baking sheets with foil and insert wire racks into the baking sheets.
  2. Remove the tips and separate the drumettes and flats if you’re using whole chicken wings.
  3. Toss the chicken wings with the melted butter in a large mixing dish.
  4. Arrange the coated chicken wings on the wire racks in a single layer.
  5. Season them with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.
  6. Bake your wings for 40 minutes or until the skin is browned and crispy.
  7. It’s best to bake the wings for 30 minutes, then remove them from the oven. Reduce the temperature to 170 degrees (keep warm) and keep the wings in the range for 30-60 more minutes. This will result in crispier ad more crunchy chicken wings.
  8. Remove the chicken wings from the oven and serve.

Recipe Variations

  • Seasonings – feel free to use any of your favorite seasonings and herbs. You can do as much or as little as you desire.
  • Instead of tossing the wings in melted butter, you can place them in a pan and spritz them with olive oil.
  • If you want to prepare buffalo wings, bake the chicken wings and dip them in your homemade buffalo sauce. There you have your buffalo wings.

How Do You Know Your Chicken Wings Are Done

You can use various ways to determine your chicken wings’ doneness. They include:

Using A Meat Thermometer

Insert a reliable meat thermometer in the thickest part of the chicken wings. Your wings should have reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees to be ready to eat.

Meat’s Color

Examine the color of the chicken wings. Chicken wings have a bright pink color when raw. However, when fully cooked, the color changes to white.


Thirdly, examine your chicken wing’s texture. Undercooked chicken flesh is more rubbery and has a glossy look, while well-cooked chicken meat is firmer and has a crispier skin.

Fluid Color

Lastly, check the color of the fluid coming from the chicken wings. If the liquid is clear, your chicken wings are safe to eat.

What Can You Serve With Baked Chicken Wings?

Here are some of the best side dishes you can serve with baked chicken wings:

  • 7-layer salad.
  • Oven-fried zucchini salad.
  • Mexican street corn salad.
  • Poblano mac and cheese.
  • Red potato salad.
  • Endless summer salad.
  • Orzo salad.
  • Creamy cucumber salad.
  • Wedge salad.
  • Crispy air-fried onion rings.
  • Blue cheese mac and cheese.
  • Grilled sweet potato fries.
  • Popeyes cajun fries.


How long it takes to bake chicken wings at 400 depends on the nature of the chicken wings. Fresh or defrosted chicken wings take 40 minutes to bake in a 400-preheated oven, while semi-defrosted chicken wings take 65 to 70 minutes. Baking a whole wing at 400 degrees takes 50 minutes, while individual pieces take 20 minutes.