Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2

Freemie Independence vs. Spectra s2: Portable Breast Pump

Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2: We all know breast milk is the perfect food for infants. The feasibility of the feeding method, health benefits for the mom, balanced nutrients, and immune factors for the kids all make this “liquid gold” incredible.

But what happens if you’re a working-class or a stay-at-home mom who wants to catch up on break times? That’s where breast milk pumps come in to remove away the confusion and make things easier.

Breast milk pumps come in different types, manual, electric, portable, etc. But for a mom who is always on the go, portable pumps are an excellent choice. This brings us to the question: which portable breast milk pump is better, Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump or Spectra s2. Let’s dig deeper.

Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2

Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump vs. Spectra s2 Overview

Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump 


Freemie Independence is concealable and a double electric hands-free mobile breast pump. When you buy this pump, you’ll Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2 get the pump unit, two collection cups, two funnels, one power cord, and a connection kit containing all valves and tubes you’ll need. 

The collection cups fit inside a bra, letting you pump while having your clothes on. Each cup holds eight ounces of breast milk. 

Hands-Free Pump

Whether you’d like to read a book, hold your little one, or work on your laptop while pumping, Freemie Independence lets you do that. This breast pump is great for busy moms as it allows mothers’ to be free when pumping, giving them a bit of their lives back. 

Clothes On Pumping

You don’t have to feel like you live in a nudist colony simply because you’re a pumper. This breast pump allows you to display a little modesty if you prefer. With Freemie independence, you can pump while having your clothes on. You just need to put the cups right inside your bra, and you’re good to go. 

No Noise

Sometimes pumps can be distracting and loud, especially if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself while pumping. Pumping with Freemie Independence gives you the discretion and quiet time while at work. 

Easy Assembling 

A breast pump that you can easily and quickly assemble is crucial as it won’t make you waste so much time that may otherwise make you lose money. Assembling Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump is easy and doesn’t take time. Similarly, disassembling it apart and cleaning it is also easy. 


At times, you may like one aspect of a product but other features of a different product better. You may prefer Freemie Independence collection cups because they’re comfortable for you but like the suction speed of another pump. 

If that is your case, you’re lucky. Freemie Independence lets you choose your favorite combination. So you can use the collection cups with different pumps, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Spectra s2 Overview And Features


Spectra s2 is a closed system that can be used as a single or double pump. The pump provides adjustable settings and has a letdown mode. A set of Spectra s2 contains the pump, two bottles, one AC- adapter, two suction tubes, and flanges, and 

Closed System

If you are among those worried moms who think some milk particles will reach the pump’s motor part or other not regularly washed parts, worry no more. Spectra s2 has a closed system, offering many benefits in hygiene matters.

The closed system ensures milk stays in the parts of the pump that it should. This restriction of milk movement to other parts reduces the risk of bacteria or mold formation that may otherwise contaminate your breast milk without you knowing. 

So, if you are concerned about your kid’s milk safety, Spectra s2 may be ideal for you.

No Noise

While some moms don’t care whether a pump is noisy, others prefer a quiet environment when pumping. A noisy breast pump can also attract attention, making coworkers comment on your breastfeeding, which some women find embarrassing. 

But that’s not the case with Spectra s2. Like Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump, Spectra s2 provides a quiet pumping experience. 

Single Or Double Breast Pump

Generally, most moms pump milk from both breasts at once because it saves time. However, there may be times when your little one is hungry. And while nursing him, you may decide to express milk from the other breast at that time. Spectra s2 allows you to do all that, pumping from one or two breasts at a time.

Massage Mode

One way of stimulating letdown is to massage your breasts gently. Breast massage lets your body know it’s time to allow milk to start flowing. And although you can manually massage yourself, it can become cumbersome at times. But with Spectra s2, you can let the pump massage you while you sit back and relax. 

Adjustable Suction And Speed

it’s easy to find the perfect speed and suction when you can make the adjustments. With Spectra s2, you can adjust both the expression and letdown modes to your preferred settings.


As a mom, especially with a kid who wakes up to feed at night, you need a nightlight to help you see in the dark. If you also wake up at night to pump milk, a night light may benefit you. Spectra s2 Breast Milk Pump comes with a nightlight to illuminate your room as you pump or feed your baby.

Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2


Both Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump and Spectra s2 are excellent portable pumps with amazing features, making it difficult to pick the best among the two. So, depending on what you love most in a pump, you can opt for those qualities. 

Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Milk Pump may suit busy moms or mothers who like to multitask while pumping. The hands-free feature lets you work on multiple tasks while pumping. On the other hand, Spectra s2 may be best for mothers who are extra conscious of their breast milk’s safety and hygiene. The pump has a closed system, preventing breast milk from moving to parts it shouldn’t, ensuring maximum hygiene.