Choosing Between Dr Brown’s Blue and Green Bottles

Dr Brown Bottles Blue Vs GreenDr Brown Bottles Blue Vs Green: According to pediatricians, Dr Brown’s bottles are the best feeding containers that you can buy for your baby. They are recommended because of their extensive anti-colic internal vents. The vent can reduce the colic-like symptoms that most babies suffer from.

The Blue and Green Dr Brown bottles have an effective and similar anti-colic mechanism, but some parameters make them slightly different.

Dr Brown Green bottle is typically the updated version of Dr Brown Blue bottle. In most cases, you can use the Dr Brown green bottles without the vent framework. On the other hand, the blue bottles tend to leak if you use them without a vent.

You can use the Dr Brown green bottle as the anti-coli feeding bottle even beyond the period when the baby is no longer suffering from the pesky colic symptoms.


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Dr Brown’s Blue Bottles versus Green Bottles: Main Differences

The significant difference between Dr Brown’s blue and green bottles is that the Dr Brown bottle with a blue vent cannot be used without a vent. Therefore, even if your child has grown beyond the age of using the venting framework, you will still have to wash the entire bottle, including the unused parts.

Two vent mechanisms in Dr Brown’s natural flow blue bottle aid in limiting the quantity of air the baby swallows while feeding. The vent also aids in slowing down the baby’s eating rate. The bottles may be washed in the dishwasher and heated in the microwave.

On the other hand, Dr Brown’s Options green bottles provide you with the option of using or not using the vent. If you don’t want to utilize the vent for your infant, you can easily remove it.

The possibility of removing the vent mechanism in the options bottle is the main distinction between Dr Brown’s natural flow blue bottles and options green bottles.

Dr Brown Blue Bottles Overview

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow blue Bottles with a blue vent system are designed to reduce colic and gas. It also safeguards the milk’s important nutrients. Through its 2-piece inward vent architecture, it functions by removing air pockets and negative pressuring influences.

A straw dipped within the bottle, and a circular insert at the bottle’s apex make up the vent structure. As the baby sucks from the bottle, air is collected from the teat collar and not the teat through the vent structure.

The shape of Dr Brown’s blue feeding bottle has proven to alleviate colic-related symptoms, vomiting, and burping. As a result of its sophisticated mechanisms, the chances of your baby inhaling air into their tummies are drastically reduced.

Unlike other conventional containers, the venting structure on the bottle’s interior creates pressure that makes feeding effortless. The infant will not ruin the bottle teat since they don’t have to struggle to get the milk out.

Dr Brown Blue bottles inhibit milk oxidation by preventing air entry, therefore, safeguarding essential nutrients such as vitamin C, A, and E.


  • The 2-section vent framework reduces the air volume that babies ingest while feeding; they spit less than they would if they’d used regular containers.
  • The bottles have been designed to fit comfortably in hand. There are no problems with holding the containers.
  • The vent ensures that the baby eats at a consistent rate- not consuming a lot of food in a short period.
  • The vent framework transports air to the bottom section of the bottle, preventing the teat from collapsing during feeding.


  • Spillage is common while combining the contents in the bottle. To minimize leakage, the cover must be tightly screwed on.
  • Because the bottle is big, carrying it around might be a burden.

Dr Brown Green Bottles Overview

The green Dr. Brown’s Options bottle leaks. Modified containers can be used without vents. Variety helps.

The vent fits air-eating burpy newborns. Child gas reduces with age. The body change removes vents.

As babies become older, green bottles reduce bottle use and increase anti-colic. Remove vent after use.

Infant growth won’t raise bottle prices. Once colic symptoms lessen, use green bottles.

Options Green bottle’s breast-like wide-neck nipple helps your child switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Options Clearer bottles imply filling.


  • The Options green bottle is constructed to be used with or without a vent.
  • The marking lines on the 2 oz. And 4-oz. bottles are painted blue, making it simple to see how much water is in the bottle. Filling the bottles takes very little time.


  • Dr Brown’s green bottles are made up of six components in total. When you need the bottle quickly, putting these components together might take you a lot of time.
  • It’s hard to clean because it’s made up of many tiny pieces.
  • Cleaning it also necessitates using a conventional jug brush and a unique vent brush that cleans the vent framework.
  • The containers frequently lose a percentage of their clarity after a few uses.

Dr Brown Bottles Blue Vs Green

Dr Brown Bottles Blue Vs Green: Which One Is Better?

Dr Brown’s blue and green bottles might be confusing for first-time parents. Knowing the differences between the two will help you choose the right bottle for your baby.

Dr Brown’s Options bottle, often known as the green bottle, is a superior option since it’s more adaptable. Your child can still use it as they get older, and they don’t require the vent framework.

You can remove the vent of Dr Brown’s green bottle and use it as a regular bottle once your child’s colic symptoms have subsided.

You might want to choose the Dr Brown Natural Flow Blue bottle if you want to modify your baby’s bottle as they grow. It’s essential to know that you can’t utilize this option without the vent. As the infant gets older, you’ll only have more parts to clean if you keep using it.