Can You Buy Costco Pizza Uncooked?

Can You Buy Costco Pizza Uncooked?

You don’t always have to make pizza from scratch at home. And even if you love cooking, and enjoy preparing your pizza, sometimes you may feel like getting a pre-cooked one so that you only have to pop it in the oven, and you’re good.

Pre-cooked pizza is a pretty new concept that originated in the US. It is essentially a pizza dough with toppings prepared in advance but not cooked. The only thing remaining is to bake it at home. Uncooked pizza provides various benefits like increased productivity, reduced costs, and unparalleled creativity while cooking unique kinds of pizza.

So, where can you buy pre-cooked pizza? Does Costco sell uncooked pizza? Read on to learn more about buying Costco pizza uncooked.

Can You Buy Costco Pizza Uncooked?

Yes, you can buy uncooked pizza at Costco. Uncooked pizza, or take and bake pizza, is available at any deli counter of any Costco franchise. Once bought, heat the pizza in the microwave or oven. Remember to read the instructions to know the ideal cooking time and temperatures before preparing it.

How Can You Buy Uncooked Costco Pizza?

Buying uncooked Costco pizza is not complex, but it’s not simple either. Unlike making your pizza at home, where you’ll buy the ingredients yourself, purchasing ready-made pizza requires knowing the numerous toppings used on pizza. It also needs you to know the kind of pizza dough you’d like. This can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time and you haven’t gained the experience and know-how of buying uncooked pizza.

There are a few things to consider when buying pre-cooked pizza. They are:

Pizza Crust

Pizza crust comes in two types – thick and thin crusts. Thin crusts take a shorter time to cook and are usually crunchy, unlike thick crusts. Thin crusts also don’t become soggy easily as thick crusts do. So, depending on your preference, a thin or thick crust may work for you.


Another thing to consider when buying uncooked Costco pizza is the toppings used. Depending on the crust you’re buying, there are suitable toppings for thick and thin crusts.

Thick crust pizza works best with toppings like pepperoni sliced meatballs prepared in red sauce with pesto, sausage meatballs, etc. Thin crusts are ideal to use with toppings like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, or fresh vegetables that cook fast like spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Despite considering the above factors, purchasing uncooked pizza is sometimes tricky. That’s so because the toppings ingredients are usually invisible. So, you cannot know what’s in there. And this may waste your time and money.

But be sure that uncooked pizza from Costco is good and is recommended by many. There are also many reviews stating how tasty the pizza is. And if you don’t like the guesswork game, you can buy the dough base without the toppings. And then top it with your favorite ingredients. This way, you’ll make your customized pizza and ensure it tastes how you want it to.

Should You Buy Uncooked Pizza?

Buying uncooked pizza largely depends on your needs and that of your family. So, it’s up to you to make the decision. But, buying take-and-bake pizza has a few advantages.

One, it’s convenient and tastes great. You will save yourself the hassle of cooking from scratch. Pre-cooked pizzas are also healthier than traditional ones, as they’re less doughy and thus, have fewer carbs.

Two, uncooked pizzas are very versatile. You can quickly fix this dish in your home kitchen, especially if you are in a rush and want a fast meal. This quick turnaround ensures you and your family enjoy fresh and hot pizza without having to wait for long for it to be prepared.

Other Types Of Pizza Sold At Costco

Buying pizza at Costco means getting pepperoni, cheese, or a combination of the two, which comes with veggies and meat. Besides take and bake pizza, Costco has other types of pizza like:

Cheese Pizza

Cheese pizza is the most popular pizza sold at Costco. The cheese used to make the pizza is fresh, and consumers don’t have to stress themselves over unhealthy processed cheese. This makes it loved by many, hence the popularity.

Customized Pizza

Costco’s food court allows its customers to make orders for customized pizza. So, if you have about 10-15 minutes extra, you can order, and they’ll take that long before it’s ready.


Costco’s food court pepperoni pizza contains 60 foldable slices. This pizza is tomato-based with a crispy crust.


There are many different pizzas from Costco’s freezing section. Standard pepperoni, gluten-free, and mini pizza. Costco’s frozen pizzas are microwaveable, making them an excellent fix for a quick snack. Other types of pizzas at Costco include cauliflower crusted, Kirkland cheese, and margarita pizzas, among others.

Note that pizzas options can be discontinued from time to time. So, checking the available ones is necessary to avoid any inconveniences.

How Does Costco Pizza Taste Like?

People are different, with unique tastes bad and preferences. And what is suitable for one may not be good for the other. But overall, Costco pizza is as great as other pizzerias.

Various Costco franchises cook the pizzas differently. That’s so because the chefs differ depending on the location. But, all Costco branches use common ingredients and the same cooking method.

Costco’s main objective is to follow the footsteps of the New York style. For this reason, they use tomato sauce and make their pizza crusty, foldable, and flexible. They also buy pizza dough from New York.

Despite the crustiness and significant amount of toppings, Costco pizza has limited options, unlike other popular pizza brands like Pizza Hut or Domino. But that’s understandable, considering Costco doesn’t specialize in selling pizzas.


Can you buy Costco pizza uncooked? Yes, you can buy ready and baked pizza at Costco and cook it in your house. Costco has three main pizza varieties you can choose from. Cheese, pepperoni, and a combination of the two containing vegetables and meat. Their pizzas are generally affordable and readily available at their different branches.