Bambo Nature Vs Pampers Pure

Bambo Nature Vs Pampers Pure

Bambo Nature is the best eco-friendly diaper option.  Although it’s more expensive, it contains FSC Certified wood pulp, is Nordic Ecolabel approved, and is transparent when it comes to naming all materials and ingredients used in the diaper.  Some of the green-marketed brands don’t.

When you pour fluid into the Bamboo Nature diaper at a 45-degree angle, there is minimal runoff, and when fluid is progressively poured when the diaper is flat, there is great absorption speed.

Either way, if the liquid is pooled in a cupped Bambo Nature diaper, it has a fast absorption rate and little to no fluid escape when pressure is applied to the wet section of the diaper.

On the Other hand, Pampers diapers and pants are made from soft, safe, and breathable materials that fit your baby throughout the day while they play or sleep.

Pampers are modern disposable diapers with a multilayer architecture that allows liquid to move and be locked away from the baby’s skin to the absorbent core.  The feature helps in keeping the baby dry and comfortable.

Pampers Pure diapers and wipes are made using high-quality materials. Soft plant-based materials, premium cotton, and other carefully selected elements go into Pure Protection diapers.  Pure wipes are 98% water, 1% of our mild cleansers, and a touch of fine cotton.

Pampers Pure and Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers are highly favored because of their superabsorbent material and specially designed liner that helps protect your baby from moisture.  Pampers Swaddlers contain thin, silky layers for enhanced comfort and keep the baby’s skin dry.

Pampers Swaddlers also have a small groove for the umbilical cord, protecting newborn’s umbilical stamp from irritation.  You won’t have to check to see when it’s time to change Pampers Pure due to the color-changing wetness indicator of Pampers Swaddlers.

Bambo Nature Vs. Pampers Pure: Main differences

Bambo Nature
Bambo nature

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Pampers Pure

Pampers Pure

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Bambo Nature is a durable, comfortable, and healthy option for your baby.  However, according to some reviews, it has been identified that Bambo Nature doesn’t have absolutely the best leak protection features.

Pampers Pure has higher leak protection ratings than Bambo Nature.  Unfortunately, the same Pampers Pure lasts for a shorter period of time.

  • Leak protection Winner: Pampers Pure
  • Durability winner: Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature Vs. Pampers Pure: Key Features

Pampers Pure

Some of the important features of Pampers Pure include;

  • Free from elemental chlorine, fragrance, parabens, and latex
  • Clinically proven hypoallergenic
  • Printed back-sheet
  • Cotton enhanced
  • Offer up to 12 hours of protection
  • Fitted with reassuring Wetness Indicator
  • Skin protecting lotion
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Seams and joints have an adhesive
  • Made with plant-based polypropylene fiber-enriched with Shea Butter
  • Fasteners and leg cuffs are made from polypropylene and elastics to provide a comfortable fit

Bambo Nature

  • Chemical and fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The only “unnatural” thing is sodium polyacrylate, a moisture-absorbent gel.
  • Extra Soft and Comfortable
  • Environmentally Super-Friendly
  • Commercially compostable
  • Made in Europe
  • Available in sizes 1 to 6
  • Has wetness indicator
  • Has the Meh designs, which are little animal designs at the front of Bamboo Nature diaper

Why Choose Bambo Nature

First, is the Bambo Nature brand good?  Yes, it’s good and reliable.  Bambo Nature diapers can be comfortably worn overnight since they offer leak protection for 12 hours.  They are made to provide a warm and pleasant night’s sleep for your child.

Bambo Nature diapers have a high-performance core that ensures maximum absorbency protection.  The upgraded leakage protectors help in preventing leakages.

Bambo Nature diapers are crafted from high-quality fabrics that are comfy and gentle on your baby’s skin.  

Therefore, they can be worn for several hours without causing serious problems.  In addition, they are ultra-soft and give a secure, comfortable fit for maximum mobility.

Bambo Nature diapers are entirely breathable, either on the front or back.  That means the fabrics allow your child’s skin to breathe.  It also prevents overheating to ensure your child gets a peaceful night’s sleep.

In comparison to Pamper pure, Bambo Nature is more durable.

Why Choose Pampers Pure

Your hunt for effective and clean protection is over.  Pampers Pure diapers are designed to keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy for 12 hours.  All components of Pampers Pure have been carefully picked to protect your baby’s delicate skin.

Pampers Pure Protection diapers are irresistibly smooth and breathable due to the special plant-based liner packed with shea butter that helps nourish and protect the skin.  The premium cotton outer cover also improves its smooth and soft feel.

Pampers Pure Protection diapers are hypoallergenic and free of elemental chlorine, natural rubber, fragrance, and parabens.  Rubber used is plant-based and polypropylene.  Fifteen percent cotton is used to make the outer cover soft.

Pampers Pure is a good and reliable brand.  It has better leak protection features than the Bambo Nature. Therefore, when you want an option that offers optimal protection from leakages, please go for Pampers Pure.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is It Safe And Effective To Use Bambo Nature’s Diapers?

Yes.  Bambo Nature Diapers are skin-safe and eco-friendly.  Therefore, it’s safe and healthy for your child.  Bambo Nature is made from sustainable products that have made it earn the most coveted and stringent awards, ecolabels, and qualifications.

 Are Bambo Nature Diapers Absorbent And Breathable?

Bambo Nature diapers have edge-cutting and an ultra-thin design that makes them incredibly absorbent.  The back sheet is also completely breathable.

The breathability of Bambo Nature diapers allows moisture to drain more quickly.  That keeps the baby’s skin dry and free from diaper rash.

A dry environment free of hazardous chemicals and allergies helps prevent and treat diaper rash.

What Makes Bambo Nature Special?

Bambo Nature believes that choosing safe items for your baby and being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean that you’ve to sacrifice performance.  For over 30 years, Bambo Nature diapers have been redefining the natural standard by creating high-quality, natural products.

All known allergies are avoided in Bambo Nature products. The product contains no chemicals, dyes, parabens, or perfumes.  The skin-safe Bambo Nature products have won some of the world’s most prestigious credentials, awards, and ecolabels.

Are Pampers Pure Good for Overnight?

Pampers Pure is not specifically designed for the nighttime.  However, due to their great absorbency and leak protection, most parents tend to use Pampers Pure overnight.

They’re hypoallergenic diapers made from plant-based fibers and cotton.  Pampers Pure is free from chlorine, parabens, and chemical fragrance.