When Should a Father Stop Cuddling with His Daughter?

When Should a Father Stop Cuddling with His Daughter?

A father should stop cuddling with his daughter when she starts to feel uncomfortable and is no longer receptive to physical touch. The answer to this question is to take it case by case. Throughout the years, many parents have asked themselves, “when should a father finally stop cuddling with his daughter?”.

The reason why this question occupies many people is because of the way our society has changed. In recent decades, there has been a drastic change in how men and women relate to each other.

If your daughter has stopped playing with dolls or dressing up lately, then maybe it’s time to find other ways to show affection towards her. Here are some tips which will help you start changing yourself into a better father figure.

Take Interest in Her Activities

Most girls these days enjoy being busy with their friends, especially during weekends. They tend to forget about their dads once they leave home to attend parties or hangout with friends.

Fathers play a very big role in helping their daughters achieve goals in academics and social life. Try taking interest in her hobbies and interests. Find out where she goes and meet her friends. Once you know her favorite places and people, plan a surprise party and invite her friend over.

Surprise her by cooking dinner for her while she attends a birthday party nearby her place. Another great idea is to buy tickets for a concert or movie premiere. These types of surprises bring happiness and excitement in any girl’s heart and creates unforgettable memories.

Change Your Routine to Include Her

Being a dad means having fun and enjoying moments spent with the wife and children. Therefore, it’s necessary to create new habits and routines in your everyday life. For example, rather than going straight home directly after work, schedule your working hours around her school timings so that you can spend extra time with her.

Always keep aside few minutes a week to spend with her. Call her and tell her special words of appreciation for the nice day spent with her.

Do Simple Little Things For Her

No matter whether you live far away from your daughter or near her house, you can still show your presence through phone calls or sending text messages. Every morning remind her “I Love You” or send short texts to say hello to her. Simple acts of kindness and respect towards your daughter will bring immense pleasure in her eyes.

Showing kind gestures will encourage her to learn new things and behave responsibly. Moreover, teaching her right values will increase her confidence level tremendously.

Be Patient

Remember that no matter how hard it might seem, patience is the key element to win anyone’s trust and loyalty. As long as you stay calm and cool, you won’t lose your dignity.

Even though you may not agree with her choices but remember not to raise voice against anything. Never talk negatively about any person or situation. Remain focused and avoid getting distracted.

Learn to Share Responsibilities

Children grow fast and develop lots of skills and talents which require proper training and education. If you wish to guide your daughter properly then you must teach her responsibility by sharing household chores and duties. Let her cook and clean up the kitchen.

Teach her how to perform various tasks related to cleaning and laundry. Help her set the table and serve meals. By following these steps you’ll see a significant difference in her attitude towards studies and relationships.

Understand Her problems – Many young women complain of loneliness and depression due to a lack of communication with their boyfriends. To solve this problem, always listen to her thoughts and fears patiently. Encourage her to discuss her feelings with you. A lot depends upon your sensitivity and understanding of her issues. Sometimes she may not reveal her innermost feelings regarding her boy/friend. So be ready to accept whatever comes into your mind. And above all, don’t judge her and offer comfort whenever required.

Stay close to God

Faith plays a vital role in building a healthy relationship between man and woman. If you believe in God, pray for guidance and protection. Surround yourself with religious books and quotes.

Believe in higher power and remain connected to the spiritual world. Trust me; spirituality and faith will definitely strengthen your relationship with your daughter.

Spend Time with your Spouse

Husband and wives often ignore each other’s existence. But since marriage is sacred union between husband and wife, it requires mutual effort and commitment from both sides.

Share your feelings and concerns with your partner regularly. Talk openly with him/her and ask for advice from your spouse about raising your daughter.

Listen carefully to your wife and try to comprehend her real desires. Men have different opinions and views regarding many topics. Hence, men often fail to communicate effectively with their spouses.

Thus, it’s essential for husbands to understand their wives’ needs and expectations. Spending time together helps couples connect emotionally and builds stronger ties.

Treat The Ladies With Respect

Women are unique creatures and possess delicate emotional nature. Respect your wife’s traits and attributes. Honor her individuality and uniqueness. Appreciate her contribution in your lives and acknowledge her qualities. While raising a son, you should always emphasize on respecting motherhood and feminine virtues.

Since women are sensitive souls, they easily fall prey to negative remarks. Avoid hurting her sentiments and hurtful comments. Always praise her beauty and intelligence.

In conclusion, showing sincere concern and love towards your daughter is the best gift you can ever give to her. Start adopting these ideas today and witness changes in your lifestyle. Happy parenting!


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