When Do Costco Diapers Go On Sale?

When Do Costco Diapers Go On Sale?

One of the best and most reasonable things many people do when they decide to have babies is to get a Costco membership. The Costco membership can come in handy as Costco offers various savings, especially for bulk shopping. However, that’s hardly the case with diapers.

So, what happens if you want offers on diapers? When does Costco have such deals? How often do their diapers go on sale? Stay tuned to learn more about when Costco diapers go on sale and more about diaper buying.

When Do Costco Diapers Go On Sale

Diapers at Costco go on sale in a cyclical pattern. However, you may see deals with some brands more often than others. Costco’s brands Kirkland Signature and Huggies are more likely to go on sale than other brands.

Costco has diapers on sale every 3 months. And the best way to find out about these sales is through their monthly savings coupon book which they can have mailed or e-mailed to you.

When Costco has diapers on sale, there’s usually a limit of two boxes. So, even if you’d like to stock up more, this limitation will prevent you from buying more than two boxes. And if you come upon a discount, it’s usually $5-$9 off the normal price.

The good thing about buying diapers in Costco is that they’re available in bulk sizes, giving a month’s worth of diapers. However, this may also be a disadvantage when your baby goes a size up and you’re in the middle of your current box. In this case, Costco will not be able to accept returns of opened diaper boxes.

The Kirkland and Huggies brand are comparable since they’re made by the same company. If you like Kirkland diapers and can’t go to Costco to purchase more anytime soon, consider trying Amazon, they carry the Kirkland diapers at a comparable price.

What’s A Good Deal On Diapers?

A newborn will go through 2000-2200 diapers in a year until they are around 2-4 years and have been potty trained. This should let you know that you will spend a considerable amount of your budget on diapers during this time. So, you need to know what constitutes a good deal on diapers.

The most basic way to establish which stores offer the best discount is by breaking down the price per unit. To do so, divide the total amount of the item by the total number of diapers included in the box.

For instance, a 192-count box of size one Huggies Little Snugglers diapers costs $39.99at Costco, making the per-unit cost $0.21. Remember, even when the cost of the box remains the same as the size goes up, the number of diapers in there decreases. This makes the per-unit cost greater.

Should You Buy Diapers At Costco’s?

Costco is all about buying things in bulk. These discounted wholesale prices are the beauty of having a Costco membership. However, are diapers the best deal through Costco? Should you buy diapers from them?

Not necessarily. Yes, Costco offers discounts periodically. However, it doesn’t offer consistent savings like Amazon family or Target Circle. So, the savings don’t add up as quickly eventually.

Buying Diapers At Amazon

Amazon embodies the meaning of having everything, from A-Z. This has resulted in many people having Amazon ownership.

Amazon Family is one of the ways you can save more. Common benefits include saving up to 20% on diapers, and baby food, among other household essentials. But you need to subscribe and save to benefit from these goodies.

Signing up is pretty simple. You just have to decide the frequency when you’d like the item to be shipped to you, and you’re good to go.

For instance, the apples-to-apples comparison. A Huggies Little Snugglers size 1 with 198 diapers in the box costs $46.70 ($0.24 per diaper) if you’re paying for a one-time purchase. When you choose to subscribe and save option, the cost reduces to $44.37 ($0.22 each).

What is even better is when you have five or more items on the same auto-delivery, you get a 15% discount, making the diaper box cost $39.70 ($0.20 each).

Among the best deals for a comparable diaper is the Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diaper, size 1, 196-count. This comes in as $0.12 per diaper when you get 20% off with subscribe and save option, beating the Kirkland Signature brand.

Buying Diapers At Target

Target is another popular store where you can buy baby products. They offer great discounts and savings through Target Cycle.

Target Cycle lets you get 5% off on any purchases made in-store or online using Target RedCard. Target also has lots of savings and discounts that keep changing every month. Moreover, they offer baby coupons or Target gift cards when you spend a certain amount on baby stuff.

For instance, the Huggies Little Snugglers size 1 with 168 count everyday cost is $39.99 ($0.24 per diaper). If you have a RedCard, you can get 5% off, reducing the cost to $37.99 ($0.23 each).

This product is not eligible for a subscription discount. However, there are often gift cards when you purchase a certain number of diaper boxes.

Buying Diapers At Walmart

Walmart is a retail giant offering affordable prices. It’s competing with Amazon by providing two days delivery.

This store has their products at very cheap prices. For this reason, they don’t offer a subscription service or a loyalty program where you can get more discounts. However, they have diapers on sale every so often.

For instance, the 198-count Huggies Little Snugglers size one diaper box has its everyday price at $46.70 (same as $0.24 per diaper). Yes, this name brand is expensive and Walmart doesn’t require a membership. However, the Parent’s Choice brand is also much cheaper than any diaper at Costco with a per-unit cost as low as $0.08.


Babies use plenty of diapers, especially when they are young. This can take a large part of your monthly budget. If you’re a discount and bargain hunter, you probably have a Costco membership which can save you serious money. And the diaper issue may be of concern.

Costco has its diapers on sale every three months. To find out this, search for their monthly savings coupon book in your mail or e-mail inbox.