Men Attend Baby Showers

Should Men Attend Baby Showers? Modern Perspectives

A baby shower is a popular occasion that is carried out for pregnant women to celebrate the transformation to motherhood. This occasion is common in almost every culture but with different names. Historically, most baby showers were women-only events. And that only critical women in the mother’s life, like friends and family members, were invited. Nowadays, the conversation surrounding baby showers has evolved.

The awakening and change in gender roles have changed the concept of baby showers. And although childbearing is the mother’s role, fathers too play a crucial role in parenting and upbringing of the children, with some doing more than the mothers. Since it takes two to tango, do you think men should go to baby showers? Stay tuned.

Men Attend Baby Showers

Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

Yes, men go to baby showers, and I’ve seen several baby showers where males attended. But if the question was, should men go to baby showers, that depends.

As a step guide, ask if the father would be attending. And if the answer is yes, then it’s safe to assume that men are allowed to attend too. But if the father is not attending, that’s a clear sign that men should not attend and instead hang out elsewhere.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s good for experienced dads to share their knowledge and how to cope with young babies. It’s also a form of bonding, similar to bachelor parties that men hold to support their best man.

Should Men Attend Baby Showers?

In the past, baby showers were a female event hosted exclusively for moms and the women in their lives. During such events, intimate details of postnatal care and childbirth were discussed. Such details could be seen as unbecoming or prevent men from having fun if they attended.

So, men were excluded from attending to prevent any embarrassing conversations. This went well with the men as they perceived anything involving child care was a woman’s business.

The introduction of Covid-19 saw many men spend most of their time at home. This made them play a more hands-on role in their kids’ lives. This made many men change their perspective on baby showers. If they could get this involved in their children’s lives, why not celebrate their growing families at baby showers?

This change in thinking is what made men start attending baby showers. Some even throw their functions to celebrate having a baby and call these events dadchelor or diaper parties. Events like diaper parties are a male version of baby showers. These baby showers are mostly male-centered, involving visitors watching sports and bringing diapers instead of anything on the baby registry.

Many modern baby showers involve men and are no longer viewed as taboo or out of the ordinary. Here are two possible reasons why men should attend baby showers:

They get involved from the word go:

In some families, the woman has to take full responsibility for everything related to the child, as the man takes care of other things. This has led many couples to fight over parenting issues. Therefore, having the father participate in the baby shower may help him be a more involved father way before the child arrives and parenting commences.

More love for the couples:

The central point of a baby shower is to show love for the expecting parents and shower them with gifts as they anticipate the new family member’s arrival. Letting men celebrate the shower creates a warmer and more loving atmosphere. Everyone, regardless of their gender, is also allowed to display their love and excitement for the new visitor’s arrival.

What Activities Should You Include In A Co-Ed Baby Shower?

If you’re looking to include guys in your baby shower, it’s crucial to include activities and games that interest them, so they don’t feel excluded. Having a gender-neutral theme is crucial too. Here are games you may want to include in your co-ed baby shower.

Baby Food Guessing Game

Most kids don’t fancy vegetables, and you can’t know what the veggies taste like unless you try them. And that’s what this game is all about. This game involves blindfolding couples. Then give them the baby food to eat and try to guess what it is.

Stroller Racing

Men love racing and may find this game interesting. You’ll need at least two strollers which you’ll give to men, a set path to race around, and let the race begin. The fast and fatherly one wins the race.

Blindfold Diapering

You may have changed diapers countless times, but changing them while blindfolded may still be challenging. You’ll need both eyes to change your kid’s diaper successfully. In baby showers, you can have the guys blindfolded and get them to change the diaper on a doll instead of a baby.

Tinkle In The Pot

This kind of game lets men race to the bathroom while being pregnant. How is it done? Stuff a ballon inside the men’s shirt. Then place a ball between their legs and let them walk from one point to another with the ball between their thighs and see whose the fastest.

Bottoms Up Baby Bottle

If you’re considering a drinking game, this might be your best shot. This game involves putting your favorite beverage in a bottle and seeing who can drink it the fastest.

Bobbing For Bottle Nipples

You can change the traditional bobbing for apples to bobbing for nipples. To play this game, place several nipples in a large water bucket and allow it to flow. Then, let the guys try to capture the bottle nipples with their mouths.

If this game is on your activities list, let the men know so they pack towels and extra clothes as they might get wet.

Men Attend Baby Showers


Do men go to baby showers? Yes, men go to baby showers. Should they go? That depends on the kind of baby shower and the man involved. So, if you’re planning to have a baby shower that includes males, try and be considerate. Make everything gender-neutral and include activities that interest them rather than bore them.