Scary Movies Pregnancy

Scary Movies and Pregnancy: Busting the Myths

Pregnant women can enjoy scary movies. It’s true. Now, you might be thinking, “But I’ve heard that pregnant women shouldn’t watch scary movies.” And well… yes, it is true that watching a lot of horror movies in the first trimester of your pregnancy can cause you to experience some pretty intense symptoms. 

But if you’ve been pregnant for a while and feel like your fears are starting to get better, there’s no reason to stop watching your favorite movies! Go on and watch your favorite horror movies.

However, the only concern with watching movies when pregnant is when they trigger anxiety or stress. But this should be the last thing you could experience since we all know movies will often serve as stress relievers. 

This article unleashes the myth that watching scary movies when pregnant is not safe. Keep reading to learn more.

Scary Movies Pregnancy

Reasons to Watch Scary Movies When Pregnant

Watching scary movies when pregnant is a common thing for most women. It’s not only a great way to relax but also a great way to prepare for life after delivery. Maybe you’re an avid horror fan and want to pass on some of your favorite movie habits to your little one. Or maybe you want to know how to relax when times get tough. 

Whatever the reason, it’s essential to keep your mind active during pregnancy — watching scary movies may be a great way to do so! Here are some reasons why most pregnant women may love watching horror movies;

It’s cathartic

Watching a scary movie can help you deal with emotions that could be affecting you in your current situation. It can also help you release tension build-ups during pregnancy.

Similarly, watching it from beginning to end will provide you with relief from any stressors or fears that may be lingering in your mind at the time. It’s not just about watching it alone but also sharing it with others can make it even more fun

It Relaxes You

Nothing puts your mind at ease like a good scare. Watching a scary movie will give you that sense of security and comfort you need during pregnancy. The last thing you want to do when carrying a baby is to stress out all day long. 

If you’re anxious, watch something like Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring 2. These films may not be as intense as others, but they will still give you the chills!

It Prepares You for Life After Delivery

If you’re expecting and having trouble sleeping at night, then watching some of these films might help. Some shows have so much violence in them that it can help calm your nerves if you’re nervous about delivering a child. 

With that said, it’s always best to watch these films with someone else because sometimes they can be not-so-great for pregnancy!

Fact or Myth; Watching Scary Movies During Pregnancy

There are several myths about watching scary movies during pregnancy. The most common myth is that watching a scary movie will make you miscarry.

This myth is based on a false assumption that the human organism is capable of detecting danger or harm and reacting to it before it occurs. Because of this, many people believe that watching scary movies can cause miscarriage.

However, there is no scientific evidence supporting this myth. In fact, studies have shown that watching scary movies can be beneficial for pregnant women and babies.

However, it’s important to remember that not all scary movies are created equal. Horror films like The Shining or Saw may seem like they would be harmful during pregnancy because they show graphic depictions of violence and gore, but these types of films also have many other redeeming qualities. 

They may include themes such as love, courage, and friendship that can help prepare expectant mothers for the realities of parenthood.

What Pregnant Women Should Keep in Mind When Watching Scary Movie

Scary movies can be a great way to get the adrenaline going, but they aren’t the most comfortable thing to watch during pregnancy. However, if you decide to watch one anyway, here are some concerns you should keep in mind.

Foremost you should know that at 24 weeks of pregnancy, a fetus has already developed inner ears, so they are sensitive to sound. That means that the slightest noise will be enough to cause anxiety in you. So, if you’re watching a scary movie with loud music or other sounds, try to lower the volume or switch it off altogether.

Additionally, pregnancy hormones can make some women more susceptible to fear than others. There are no guarantees that watching horror movies will make you anxious, but if you’re prone to anxiety symptoms during pregnancy, it’s best not to let your fear affect your baby’s well-being.

So, if you have an anxiety disorder or have previously experienced an anxiety attack while pregnant, talk to your doctor before watching scary movies during pregnancy. Your doctor might recommend trying another type of movie or avoiding them entirely until after childbirth.

Then finally, don’t watch alone

The most common cause of nightmares in pregnant women is fear-based. You may be able to handle one or two scary scenes. But if you’re starting to get scared and can’t handle it, you probably don’t want to watch alone. 

If possible, take your partner or other trusted person along with you. If that’s not possible, at least ensure the person with you has also seen the movie before and can tell what’s coming next (for example, by describing what happens as they watch).

Scary Movies Pregnancy

Bottom Line

Although there is a relationship between fear and anxiety, it is not always exclusive or dimensional. People experience different levels of fear based on many factors, including trauma, previous experiences, and individual differences. 

Currently, no studies have zeroed in on the exact effects of horror movies on pregnant women. The only concern is when these movies trigger stress on the mother, affecting fetal development. Despite this lack of evidence, most experts agree that pregnant women do not need to avoid horror movies while expecting.