Polish Dill vs. Kosher Dill

Polish Dill vs. Kosher Dill: Flavor Differences

Pickles are loveable. They are good on burgers and sandwiches and can also be eaten as a stand-alone snack. Some people add pickles to their drinks, making pickle-flavored drinks. When it comes to pickles, everyone has their preferred type. Some prefer polish dill pickles, while others like kosher dill pickles.

Many assume that kosher dill pickles are produced according to Jewish laws or have been blessed by a rabbi. And although real kosher pickles are approved and certified as kosher food, many kosher dills are not. Similarly, polish dill describes the flavor of dill pickle, not the country of origin. When it comes to pickles, polish and kosher terms refer to seasonings and spices rather than the country or religious beliefs. Here’s to more on polish and kosher dill.

Polish Dill vs. Kosher Dill

Polish Dill vs. Kosher Dill

Dill pickles are simply pickled cucumbers. The main difference between these pickles and other types of pickles is that dill pickles are seasoned with dill, giving them their name and unique taste.

Polish dill is made with lots of garlic and contains more pickling spices than kosher dill, giving them a peppery and zesty flavor. These pickles contain more herbs and garlic than kosher dill pickles and may sometimes be flavored with mustard seeds.

Kosher dill pickle is not necessarily prepared according to Jewish dietary nor overseen by a rabbi. Rather it’s prepared using salt, vinegar, and lots of dill weed. It doesn’t incorporate the use of extra spices and hardly includes garlic. If garlic is used, it’s usually in small amounts such that its flavor is overpowered by vinegar and dill weed.

About Polish Dill

Polish dill pickles have a different flavor from kosher dill pickles. The taste originated in Europe. And despite the originality of the flavor, the “polish” in polish dill refers to the flavor origin, not their origin.

Polish dill is made the same way as kosher dill. The vegetable is brined in salt and vinegar alongside heavy use of dill weeds. The use of extra spices in making polish dill is what gives it its distinctive polish flavor.

Unlike kosher dill, Polish dill usually incorporates lots of garlic in the pickles. It also includes a wider range of spices and can sometimes contain mustard seeds. This makes polish dill pickles more peppery, spicier, and flavorful.

About Kosher Dill

Kosher dill pickles refer to pickles prepared following traditional kosher pickles. However, this does not mean the pickles conform to Judaism dietary or are overseen by a rabbi. Religiously, kosher dill pickles exist, but the term “kosher dill” we are discussing here refers to the flavor profile that emerged from the tradition. Modern kosher dill is prepared to taste like traditional kosher pickles.

The kosher flavor profile comes from lots of dill weed, vinegar, and salt used when preparing the pickles, with the de-emphasis on extra ingredients. And although some kosher dill uses garlic and other seasonings (which is very rare), they only do so at the minimum, and the heaviest flavors are dill weed, salt, and vinegar. Since kosher dill is prepared basically the same way, they taste the same irrespective of who prepared them.

Meaning Of Kosher

Judaism is a religious practice with various dietary restrictions. The dietary restrictions are outlined in Kashrus laws, and foods that conform to all these restrictions are called kosher.

Kosher dietary restrictions limit the ingredients used, and the way food is prepared. Some recommended food preparation procedures may involve the floor where food is prepared and blessed by a rabbi. Generally, preparing kosher foods needs special attention and care to the rules outlined.

When making kosher pickles, kosher salt is required.  Kosher salt is in its purest form without any additives. It also excludes the addition of iodine, unlike other regular salts. Using the pure kosher salt result in the pickles having a pure flavor. What’s more, kosher salt comes in large crustal grains. The large crystals make the salt ideal for preserving foods, making kosher salt one of the key ingredients in producing various kinds of pickles.

The Jews in Eastern Europe developed kosher dill pickles. These pickles were made in compliance with their religious practices, leading to the emergence of a unique flavor profile. Eventually, this pickle style became known globally, not just among Judaism religion practitioners. And now, kosher pickles are found almost everywhere and are enjoyed by anyone.

Differences Between Polish Dill And Kosher Dill


Kosher dill incorporates heavy use of dill weed, kosher salt, and vinegar. It does not contain other extra spices. As a result, it has a more savory and milder flavor.

On the other hand, polish dill is prepared using salt, vinegar, dill weed, and spices like garlic and mustard seeds. This makes polish dill a more zesty, peppery, and spicier taste.

Quantity Of Garlic Used

Kosher dill hardly uses garlic in its preparation. And if garlic is used, it’s usually included in very small amounts not to overpower the authentic kosher dill flavor.

Polish dill is prepared using lots of garlic, giving a spicier kick and a more zesty flavor.

Presence Of Additional Ingredients

Kosher dill is primarily prepared from cucumbers, dill weed, salt, and vinegar with no additional ingredients.

As with polish dill, the number of additional ingredients is limitless, and you can add as many as possible. Besides cucumber, salt, vinegar, and garlic, you can add any other spice or herb of your choice.

How They Are Made

Kosher dill is made in the same way as the traditional New York-style kosher dill. This makes this pickle taste the same, regardless of who prepared them.

There are many ways of preparing polish dill pickles, and each recipe may call for various additional ingredients. This makes polish dill pickles taste differently depending on whoever prepared them.

Polish Dill vs. Kosher Dill


Polish dill are pickles prepared using cucumbers, salt, vinegar, garlic, and other extra ingredients, depending on a personal choice. The Polish term for these pickles refers to their flavor rather than their place of origin.

Kosher dill are pickles prepared using cucumbers, kosher salt, and vinegar. These pickles are designed per the traditional Jewish New York City Kosher deli but are not necessarily overseen by a rabbi.