Nan vs Enfamil

Nan vs Enfamil

Choosing the right formula for your baby can be quite challenging, especially with the availability of various great products from well-known brands. In this article, we will compare the differences and similarities between Nan and Enfamil infant formulas.

Breast milk is best for your child. However, if you’ve decided to supplement the breast milk with formula or have trouble feeding your child, choosing the perfect commercially prepared baby formula is paramount. It’s difficult for most parents to differentiate between the Nan and Enfamil products. Let’s start with an overview of each brand.

Nan vs Enfamil: Overview



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Nan is the baby formula produced by Nestle. Nestle also manufactures Good Start Supreme and Good Start Essential formulas. Nan has different names made from various mixes of milk proteins. 

Nan has casein and whey milk proteins, not 100% whey proteins like in the case of the Good Start Supreme formula. Good Start Essentials are almost similar to Nan.

Nan baby formula is special because it’s perfect for babies of all ages. In addition, it’s recommended for babies with serious allergies and sensitivity. Nan pro is carefully formulated, and this product’s constituents will meet all your baby’s nutritional demands.

The key features of Nan baby formula include:

  • Contain prebiotic and probiotics
  • Rich source of iron
  • Contain L.reuteri
  • It has DHA

Advantages of Nan

  • DHA supports the proper brain development of the baby
  • Made up of whey protein that is friendly to the digestive tract
  • Contain essential vitamins, which include vitamins A, C, and D
  • Iron aid in blood cells formation
  • Zinc improves the integrity of the gastrointestinal system and prevalent diarrheal illnesses.


Enfamil Neuropro

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Enfamil first gained entry into the market in 1959. It’s currently the leading producer of baby formula in the world. Enfamil brand aims to produce a baby formula with a nutritional profile similar to breast milk.

Mead Johnson is the first product to be introduced by Enfamil. The entire Enfamil product line has undergone significant adjustments over the years. Enfamil now offers a special formula for children at every stage of growth and development.

Enfamil is designed to meet the nutritional requirement of your child as they travel through the journey of life, particularly during the first year of life. The following are the key features of Enfamil baby formula;

  • Made from a blend of two prebiotics
  • Contain Choline
  • Contain the Omega-3-DHA

Advantages of Enfamil

  • It’s a good source of minerals
  • Excellent formula with nutrients that promotes normal baby’s growth
  • Rich in vitamins that improve immunity
  • Enfamil help in brain development
  • It tastes almost like the breast milk
  • Nourish the body

Nan vs Enfamil: Similarities

  • Nan and Enfamil brands offer a wide range of baby formula products
  • The two brands have the non-genetically modified versions of their formulas
  • FDA has declared the Nan and Enfamil products safe for baby consumption
  • Nan and Enfamil offer loyalty programs

Nan vs. Enfamil: Differences

  • Enfamil is more costly than Nan
  • Enfamil is made up of more natural ingredients than Nan Pro.
  • Enfamil use less sugar than Nan
  • The Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, and Magnesium levels are higher in Enfamil than in Nan
  • Enfamil products have more pronounced Vitamin K, E, B12, and C
  • Nan has lesser content of folic acid, choline, inositol, and pantothenic acid


  • Breast Milk Vs. Formula: Which Is Better?

Knowing the ingredients in breast milk and formula, the cost differences, and the effects they have on your baby’s health will help you make informed decisions when choosing how to feed your infant.

Formula and breast milk are comparable in that they are both energy sources, help in hydration, and provide nutrients to ensure your baby develops well.

The health advantages of breast milk still outweigh those of infant milk powder, notwithstanding improvements in its formulation and production. Over millions of years, human milk has become the ideal diet for young babies.

Compared to the milk of other animals, it is significantly more beneficial since it helps to develop special immunological, digestive, and cognitive functions.

What is in breast milk? Each drop of breast milk contains hundreds of healthy ingredients, from colostrum, which coats and seals the stomach lining of your infant, to mature milk, which aids in your child’s development.

It has antibodies that fight diseases, three stem cells that might help organ growth and repair, and two hormones that foster kinship and control hunger. In addition, it also has five good bacteria that safeguard your infant’s digestive system, six oligosaccharides, which are prebiotics that maintain a healthy gut, plus seven long-chain fatty acids to support your child’s brain, neurological system, and vision during development.

What is in formula milk? Infant formula milk is often manufactured from processed skimmed cow’s milk with additional emulsifiers and stabilizers to allow the oils and water to combine. The exact ingredients of the baby formulas vary according to the brand and location.

Some of the ingredients of baby formula include;

  • Sugars, such as corn syrup, fructose
  • Lactose, a naturally occurring sugar
  • Probiotic agents and amino acids in some formulas
  • Plant-based oils
  • Fatty acids

Choosing the Baby Formula: What Should You Consider?

It might be difficult to decide on the best baby formula. So many distinct brands exist. How will you know the best formula for your infant? 

Although it’s clear from all the marketing that there are distinctions between these many brands, it might comfort you to know that all infant formulae must adhere to specific requirements.

All baby formulas sold in the US must adhere to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act’s basic nutritional standards.

When choosing between Nan and Enfamil, remember that Enfamil infant formula contains more nutrients and minerals than Nan. Unfortunately, it has a taste that is hard for most children to tolerate. Choose the infant formula that is beneficial to your baby and they can easily tolerate

  • Can You Switch From Nan Pro To Enfamil?

Yes, you can switch from Nan to Enfamil, and vice versa is also true. However, if your baby is more used to Nan pro and tolerates it well, you can avoid switching it to Enfamil.

  • Can I Use A Microwave To Prepare Baby Formula?

According to the FDA, it’s not recommended for you to heat breast milk or infant formula using the microwave. Microwave doesn’t distribute heat evenly, creating hotspots that can scold the mouth or throat of your baby.

  • What If My Baby Does Not Like Formula?

If your baby keeps vomiting after taking the formula, please consult your pediatrician. If the baby also has belly pain and an allergy to some of the ingredients in the infant formula, you must consult your physician as soon as possible. 

Generally, if your baby expresses discomfort after taking the formula, the root cause must be established immediately.