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Enfamil vs Lactogen

Enfamil vs Lactogen

Although breastmilk is the best food for your infant, there are some situations when breastfeeding is difficult to practice. It could be due to health issues, career, work, or other unforeseen circumstances.

In that case, you’ll have to use infant formula. However, not all infant formulas are created the same. And since the formula will be your kid’s only source of nutrition, you have to choose wisely.

So, are you looking for a formula for your little one but aren’t sure which one to purchase? Enfamil and Lactogen are popular formula brands that mimic human milk. These brands carry a wide range of products like lactose intolerance, hypoallergenic, and toddler formula.

But which is better? Tune in till the end to learn more on Enfamil and Lactogen.

Enfamil vs Lactogen: Overview

Enfamil Infant

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About Enfamil Formula

Enfamil is an all-age-inclusive formula containing several products ideal for babies from birth. This formula brand has been around for over 100 years and is recognized and endorsed by pediatricians as healthy and safe for babies. Manufacturers of this formula are constantly working on it to ensure its quality and safety remain the same.

Enfamil baby formula contains several nutrients needed for babies’ growth and development. It’s one of the few formula brands preparing formula resembling breastmilk, making it easy for babies to enjoy.

Besides basic nutrition elements like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, essential vitamins, and minerals, this formula contains DHA, prebiotics, and Arachidonic acids. DHA is naturally found in breast milk and is required for healthy brain development. It’s also safe for kids with sensitive tummies.

Key Features Of Enfamil Formula

  • Pediatricians highly recommend Enfamil.
  • All formula products under the Enfamil umbrella contain DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that helps with eye and brain development.
  • All the ingredients used in the formula are clinically proven.
  • The first formula brand to produce a formula containing MFGM, a unique element in breast milk.
  • Enfamil does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Pros Of Enfamil Formula

  • It’s an imitation of natural breastmilk.
  • It contains all nutrients and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, all needed for a baby’s growth in their first year.
  • Enfamil contains DHA, an omega-3 fat essential for healthy brain cell growth and heart.
  • It comprises prebiotics needed for a healthy digestive system.
  • It’s suitable for babies with sensitive tummies and who spit up easily.
  • It doesn’t have any foul smell.

Cons Of Enfamil Formula

  • It’s more expensive than Lactogen.
  • It may take more time to mix.
  • Some parents have reported that their babies vomit yellowish substances when they take this formula.
  • Some people allege that Enfamil caused their babies to develop life-threatening symptoms after taking it.

About Lactogen Formula

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Lactogen is proven safe for use in babies from birth. That’s because it contains whey protein as the dominant protein. The whey casein ratio in this formula is 60:40, making it resemble human breastmilk.

Recently, the Nestle company producing Lactogen has enhanced this formula to make digestion easier and provide comfort to your baby. It has added a bacterium and probiotic called L. reuteri. This bacterium strengthens the digestive system. Lactogen has also developed a new model that ensures convenience and hygiene are top-notch.

Key Features Of Lactogen Formula

  • Lactogen is ideal for kids up to 6 months.
  • It contains vitamins, milk solids, corn oil, and soybean.
  • It comprises L-Carnitine and Taurine, which resemble amino acids and are crucial in promoting the body’s metabolic processes.
  • Lactogen contains alanine and choline, needed to act as building blocks for healthy brain development.
  • It also contains demineralized whey and maltodextrins.
  • This formula has iodine which boosts healthy blood formation and prevents thyroid inflammation.

Pros Of Lactogen Formula

  • It contains several minerals and vitamins for a baby’s growth and development.
  • It strengthens the digestive system.
  • Lactogen is suitable for babies from birth.
  • This formula has a sealable bag that protects it from entering bacteria and insects.

Cons Of Lactogen Formula

  • It may take a longer time to prepare.
  • Lactogen is considered safe for babies. However, it’s not natural breastmilk and be challenging to digest. 

Differences Between Enfamil And Lactogen

Nutrients Composition

Enfamil contains carbs, proteins, fat, essential vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients for infants’ growth and development. This makes it ideal to use as your baby’s sole source of nutrition. Enfamil also contains other beneficial nutrients like DHA and AHA needed to support heart health and healthy eye and brain development.

On the other hand, lactogen also contains essential nutrients like carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. However, it lacks other beneficial nutrients such as DHA and AHA needed for proper growth and development.

Recommended Age

Enfamil is recommended for kids from birth to one year. This means once you start a formula, you’ll continue with it up to your child’s first birthday without changing.

As for Lactogen, it comes in phases, with the first phase being recommended for kids 0-6 months, phase 2 6-12 months, and so on.

Ease Of Digestion

Enfamil is formulated like breastmilk, making it easy for your child’s undeveloped stomach to digest efficiently. It also contains prebiotics that strengthens the digestive system, ensuring healthy digestion.

Although Lactogen claim to be easy to digest, many people report that their babies develop digestive problems after consuming it.

Close Resemblance To Breastmilk

Enfamil is designed to resemble breast milk. It contains all the nutrients breastmilk has in its appropriate composition. It also comprises DHA, AHA, and MFGM, all in breast milk and playing a crucial role in kids’ health.

Lactogen is not designed to mimic breast milk and may not be the best to use as a single source of nutrition for your kid.


Enfamil is pricier than Lactoge, retailing at $41 on the lower end. The price can go as high as $160 and more.

Lactogen is more affordable, with the starting price being $25.

Final Verdict: Enfamil vs Lactogen

Enfamil and Lactogen are suitable baby formulae recommended by many pediatricians. However, if you plan on using formula as a single source of nutrition for your kid, go for Enfamil. It has everything your baby needs and is easier to digest, though at a high price.

But if you don’t want to spend much on a formula and want a pretty affordable one, Lactogen is your best shot. Lactogen can also suit you if you plan on supplementing it with breastmilk or other foods but not using it as a single source of nutrition.