Merrick vs. Royal Canin Dog Food Comparison

Merrick vs. Royal Canin

Merrick vs. Royal Canin Dog Food Comparison need to feed on a high-quality, balanced diet packed with nutrients, just as humans. With multiple types of dog food available, finding the healthiest option for your pet can be overwhelming.

There are many elements to look at when choosing the best food for your dogs, such as ingredient quality, product safety, brand history, guaranteed analysis, and cost are the most crucial factors.

In this write-down, we’ll compare the top brands- Merrick vs. Royal Canin- to see their offer based on the above mentioned parameters. Let’s get started.


Merrick vs. Royal Canin: Merrick vs. Royal Canin Dog Food Comparison

Merrick’s Origin

Founded by Garth Merrick in Hereford, Texas, Merrick food has been around for 30 years since its launch. The first venture into the industry was called “flossies,” a natural formula that met high-quality standards.  

Today, what started in Garth’s family kitchen has grown to be one of the famous dog food brands. It offers recipes that are full of top-notch nutrients and ingredients. Its product selection is incredible, and the brand formulates delicious food for every dog.

Currently, Nestle Purina PetCare Corporation owns the company

Royal Canin’s Origin

Founded by Jean Cathary in France in 1968, Royal Canin formulates and distributes all of its pet food in its production facilities. The company crafts the highest quality pet food for dogs and cats meeting their particular nutritional needs to maintain optimal wellness or overcome specific health issues.

Royal Canin’s worldwide headquarters are in southern France, with over 1800 manufacturing plants globally, all held to similar standards.  

The company’s mission is to create a better world for pets by improving their health through nutrition. It has bagged many awards for its top nutrition and specialized animal clinics, an important reason why veterinary practices sell its food.

Mars currently owns it despite beginning as an independent business. However, it has maintained its commitment to creating high-quality foods.

Merrick vs. Royal Canin Comparison

To get a better understanding of how the two dog foods contrast, we’ll look into them in categories as below:

  • Ingredients


For many years, Merrick has had an all-star reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality foods. Merrick Grain-Free Adult is a premium diet formulated to offer optimal health and wellness in adult dogs.

It is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs suffering from poor digestion or allergies due to its grain-free formulation.

Merrick derives its foundation on whole deboned chicken, turkey meal, salmon meal, and chicken meal in its crafting to provide flavor, additional nutrients, and satiety for dogs.

Grain-free foods are from digestible fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, apples, and blueberries. Peas, flax seeds, and natural flavors are some of the most crucial ingredients helping your dog have a balanced diet and get every nutrient needed.

It is worth noting that dog food includes chelated vitamins and minerals easily absorbed, plus differing probiotics to aid digestion.

Royal Canin

Not only does it use natural ingredients but also takes a more scientific approach to its formulas which leads to non-organic ingredients incorporated as long as they contribute to the betterment of the dog’s health.

The brand occasionally uses real meat but primarily meat by-products and product meals. However, it is unclear what is in their derivatives; they say it is secure and nutritionally beneficial for dogs.

Corn, wheat, and soy are used too in many of their recipes. Although it might irritate the dog’s digestive systems, most dogs are okay with them. Consequently, the very reason why its products are top-rated and trusted by vets worldwide.

 The recipes are boosted with vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure their immune systems are upgraded, not forgetting that healthy omega fats are present in their recipes too.

  • Variety

Product Merrick Royal Canin
Dry Dog Food 53  Recipes 89 Recipes
Wet Dog Food 58 Recipes 50 Recipes
Dog Treat 35 Treats 2 Treats


Both companies offer several recipes, as seen in the table above, but the top-rated ones for each brand are:


  • Merrick grain-free real chicken and sweet potato recipe
  • Merrick classic real chicken, brown rice, green pea recipe
  • Merrick Backcountry great plains recipe

Royal Canin

  • Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Adult Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Adult Canned Dog Food


  • Taste

For any dog to eat heartily, taste as an encouraging factor is vital. Royal Canin uses poultry meat as the core ingredient because dogs love chicken and turkey.

Merrick includes highly flavorful meats in their formulations, making them appealing to dogs, such as salmon oils and animal fats that increase the taste and offer health benefits for the coat and skin.

  • Nutritional Value

Dogs have a sensitive disposition towards food, with some ingredients causing illness and health issues. Even the most healthy-looking dog can experience a sensitive stomach or require a particular diet.

Therefore, you must know the dog’s needs from a nutritional side to deliver exactly that, and here is a contrasting table of Merrick and Royal Canin.

Nutritional Value Comparison Table: Merrick vs. Royal Canin

Dog food type Merrick Royal Canin
Dry Dog  food
Protein 38% 20%
Fat 17.2% 5.5-8.5%
Fiber 3.5% 3.9%
Wet Dog Food/Canned Food
Protein 43.9%% 36.8%
Fat 21.1% 20.0%
Fiber 8.3% 11.7%
Moisture 80%


  • Price/ Value

Although the product prices vary, Royal Canin is a reasonably expensive brand. Looking at its ingredients, they are not as high as those of Merrick with similar price tags. Nonetheless, you cannot be specific because the extensive product line and its components vary.

Merrick vs. Royal Canin Dog Food Comparison

Why Choose Either Merrick or Royal Canin

Merrick has balanced diet recipes that are preservative and fillers-free.

The nutritional specialists, in-house canneries, and factories that contribute to Merrick’s stellar reputation. You can’t forget the vast amount of food crafted with high-proteins, whole grains, limited-ingredient meals for dogs with dietary limitations, and high protein dry and wet dog foods.

In brief, it caters to large- to small-breed dogs. From sensitive stomachs to undeserving palates, pups of all stripes will find what to eat.

Merrick vs. Royal Canin Dog Food Comparison Royal Canin meals undergo a vigorous development process with in-house veterinarians and nutritionists. When developing their recipes, the firm takes into account factors such as the animal’s age, size, and breed.