Is Hey Bear Sensory Good For Babies?

Is Hey Bear Sensory Good For Babies?

Baby sensory videos have become an essential part of a baby’s routine in many families. There is now a selection of intriguing sensory videos to choose from, ranging from peaceful tunes and animations good for nap time to ones that are ideal for fostering play.

These infant sensory videos, which include shapes, music, and vibrant colors, provide the perfect setting for stimulating your child’s senses and assisting their development as they grow and become even more curious.

One of the most popular baby sensory videos is the Hey Bear sensory video. However, despite its popularity, many people are still unsure if it is suitable for their babies. Hey Bear sensory videos are excellent sensory videos for babies. The videos include shapes, music, and vibrant colors that offer an ideal setting for stimulating your baby’s senses and assisting in their development as they grow. 


Whether you want to start incorporating baby sensory videos into your child’s routine or want more information on the benefits of sensory stimulation, we’ll answer your questions and shed light on how baby sensory videos can assist your little one as they grow in this article.

 Is it Okay for You Baby to Watch Sensory Videos?

Watching baby sensory videos is entirely safe for your child and can assist in improving auditory and visual stimulation, eye coordination, and movement, especially if your child decides to dance to the music. However, it’s advisable to watch these sensory videos in moderation, particularly those with upbeat baby sensory tunes, which might overstimulate your little one if watched for long periods. As a result, it’s ideal to engage your child in various sensory activities, both in front of and away from the screen. Tummy time, listening to music, and experiencing different textures through play are some of the other common baby sensory exercises that a parent can choose to add.

What Do Baby Sensory Videos Do?

Allowing your child to watch baby sensory videos regularly can help them develop their visual skills. This is because these professionally created videos include a range of fun colors, patterns, and shapes that move around the screen and aid your baby’s eye coordination.

Baby sensory videos can also help with auditory stimulation because they usually offer a variety of various songs and rhythms to choose from. These songs can range from peaceful melodies that are helpful for sensory stimulation before bedtime to energetic music that is excellent for playtime during the day.

At What Age Should Your Baby Start Sensory?

While there is no conclusive answer to this question, baby sensory is beneficial for newborns up until toddlerhood. Getting creative, moving about, experimenting with different textures, and much more are just a few of the activities available in this stage. Toddler sensory is the next stage. Here activities get more complex, and there is more stimulation involved.

Baby Sensory (0-12 Months Old Baby)

While there are many ways to integrate sensory stimulation, baby sensory courses are perfect for socializing your baby with other newborns and developing their senses at a young age. These classes help parents and babies bond while also sparking sensory inspiration, enabling you to implement various sensory activities into your daily routine at home. Introducing sensory play into your child’s routines as they get more curious and begin to explore their environment helps them encounter various sounds, motions, and more in the early stages of development.

However, babies of any age can watch baby sensory videos, although the more upbeat, high contrast videos are better for babies who are a few months old, as they might be overpowering for newborns.

Toddler Sensory (12 plus months)

Sensory play is also beneficial for toddlers, whose activities will include greater stimulation and movements, such as dancing, other sports activities, sing-along songs, and other activities. Toddlers are naturally curious about their environment, so these activities will encourage them to try new sports, find their voice, strengthen their vocal talents by singing along to new songs, and inspire them to try new things.

Baby Sensory Videos

Besides the already discussed Hey Bear sensory video, other sensory videos include:

CheriEBooks Baby Sensory Video

This is a baby sensory video by CheriEBooks. It includes soothing classical music that is ideal for winding down at the end of the day, and it will help relax your child as they look at the high-contrast images in the form of numerical symbols and weather. The contrasting shapes, patterns, and colors in this video make it an excellent sensory video for babies, as they will keep your little one entertained throughout.

Sky Celebration Baby Sensory Video

This is another engaging baby sensory video by Baby Woof Sensory. The video will assist in keeping your infant entertained while seeing the different shapes and colors emerge across a screen. As your child learns to follow images across the screen, this sensory video will help them strengthen their eyesight and eye coordination. However, it is recommended that your baby watches it in moderation, owing to the intense visual stimulation provided by the bright, colorful animations.

Calming Baby Sensory Animation

This video by Enchanted Media focuses on developing eye coordination in babies. The visual elements in it, which feature moving patterns that appear, change hues, and disappear, are great for aiding your infant’s eye development as they grow. This video’s soothing, classical music can also be used to soothe crying infants and put them to sleep.

Final Take

Hey Bear sensory videos are suitable for babies. However, it is recommended that you use these videos in conjunction with other 3D activities because babies require multisensory activities to develop.