How to Find Out Who Called Social Services on You

How to Find Out Who Called Social Services on You

Are you trying to find out who called social services on you? Social services with the Department of Children and Family Services in your state are responsible for reporting instances of child abuse and neglect. These reports can take various forms of abuse or neglect, but the most common form is one-on-one physical child abuse.

It Can Be Difficult to Find Our Who Called CPS on You

The referrer’s identity is expected to be kept private. When releasing materials through public records requests, DSHS is expected to remove the referrer’s identifying information.

When obtaining DSHS records, however, the names and other information about referrers are frequently readily visible.  That means you have a good chance of knowing who called social services when you request for the records unless they choose to remain anonymous.

Freedom of Information Request

If you cannot find the records of your own case on a public database, consider filing a freedom of information request. Ask for all the details of the case which involved CPS investigations and the details of all people who were involved in investigating this case from the beginning.

However, you should not reveal your identity when you file this request. If the agency feels that your case is serious and they feel threatened by the details which they are going to provide, they might ask you to meet them in person.

Personal Vendetta

The reason why you would want to find out why someone called social services on you is that it could be a stalker or a personal vendetta against another family member. It could even be someone who simply doesn’t like you.

It could also be a malicious report made by a person who wants to hurt you for your race, gender, or sexual identity. In any event, you need to find out why someone called social services on you.

This will be of great help in the future because if there is an investigation into your family and if an agency feels that it is in your best interests for them to investigate your family, contacting the agency and telling them that this agency has been involved with you since the past would greatly decrease their reasons for investigations.

Are Calls to Social Services Anonymous?

Callers to child protective services in most states can report cases anonymously. You may be asked for your name and address in the future, but this information will not be shared.

Phone calls can be traced back to the caller’s home address and phone number. In some cases, callers have even been arrested for making false reports about abuse or neglect that never occurred.

When Is It Right to Call Social Services?

First, let’s clear up some misconceptions about social services. Many people think that any time someone has a problem or difficulty that they will be investigated by social services and end up in foster care or other institutions, or be separated from their parents. This is not the case.

Social workers are professionals who come in when there is something wrong or there are questionable circumstances and help people get back on their feet again. They are there to help, not take over your life, or take your children away. They know that abuse and neglect happen in many families, but they have to have some sort of information that you are neglecting your child or abusing them before they will become involved.

When Social Services Become Highly Involved

They may become involved if they find that you are failing to provide your children with the basics of education and health care. They may be involved if they find that you are allowing your children to be harmed or neglected.

If they find that your children’s safety is in jeopardy, the adults around them have serious problems, or there is a threat to the child’s future health and well-being, then social services very well may become involved.

What to Expect From Social Services Visit

Social service workers typically have no qualms about showing up unannounced, often without your consent. It’s best to avoid such visits if you can by ensuring that everything in your household is in order.

If you’re a parent or guardian who’s living with a family that’s been denied the ability to provide for their children and you’re running low on funds, your home state may send social service professionals to investigate whether you’re capable of taking care of your children.

Most visits from social services investigators begin with a simple knock on your door. Once the inspector has been admitted into your home, he or she will take note of any dilapidated conditions, unsanitary conditions, exposed wiring, and other hazards.

To Sum it Up

Social Services visits come with a lot of shame and guilt for those children who have been taken away by the system. They also come with harsh consequences for any members of the family who have failed to care or protect them.

If a child is removed from their home, they forfeit all legal and physical rights to their parents. Parents are suddenly not in charge of what happens with the child.


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