How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need?

The Benefits and Dangers of Pacifier Clips

A pacifier clip is not a must-have but comes in handy for holding your baby’s pacifier. It is used to attach the pacifier to a baby’s clothing, car seat, or stroller. In the US, an estimated 75 to 80% of parents use the pacifier, and a clip may help this large number of users to keep their babies calm. Some of the advantages of a pacifier clip are; 

  • It helps keep the pacifier clean by preventing it from falling regularly. 
  • The pacifier clip helps your baby grip the pacifier easily. A baby’s hands are tiny and may find it hard to hold on to a pacifier. When they hold the clip, they can turn it around and put it in their mouth. 
  • It prevents the loss of the pacifier. As your infant gets older, they get more active and can easily misplace items, including their pacifier. It gets hard to look for it, especially when the young one is crying. The clip will save you the trouble of looking for the pacifier now and then. 
  • It could double as a teether. A beaded or roped pacifier clip could act as a soother when your baby is teething. However, avoid leaving the baby unsupervised while using such clips. A bead could come out and choke the baby. 
  • Pacifier clips with attractive designs could help calm a child in a new environment or when bored. For instance, animal stuffed clips can keep a baby entertained. 

How Many Pacifier Clips Do I Need?

The number of pacifier clips one should have depends entirely on your personal choices. Some parents will have one clip, while another one will have a collection in different colors and designs. The primary of a pacifier clip is to attach the pacifier to the baby’s cloth for ease of use.

Practically, you could have two or more pacifier clips for replacements or emergencies when one is lost. You could forget to pick one up while traveling. It could help if you have a spare one for the diaper bag. This article explores the advantages of pacifier clips, dangers, and safety tips.

Dangers Of Pacifier Clips

In the US, more than three-quarters of parents with newborns use pacifier clips. Though widely used, these clips could pose dangers to a young baby. Some of the potential hazards of pacifier clips include; 

Choking Hazard

A pacifier clip could be a choking hazard, especially the beaded ones. Though most of the clips are safe, some may be of low quality, and the beads could come out and choke a baby. Ensure that a baby does not use such a clip unsupervised. Pacifier clips are subject to wear and tear. If you use them for a long time, pieces may fall apart and risk choking the baby. 

Risk Of Suffocation

A long pacifier clip could increase the risk of a child strangling. In the US, the recommended clip length is six to eight inches. Any clip beyond the recommended length is considered a strangulation risk. The baby can put a clip around the neck and block air movement. To reduce such incidences of strangulation, avoid tying a pacifier clip around the baby’s neck or hands.

How To Choose The Right Pacifier Clip 

There are several choices of pacifier clips available on the market. The primary consideration when buying any item for your baby should be safety. Some of the factors to consider include; 

  • Materials. Clips are available in different materials; cotton, wood, metal, plastic, silicone, and stuffed animals. Opt for a fabric that is easy to clean and does not easily fall off. It should also be easy to grip and the right size for your baby’s hand. Frequently check metallic clips for rust. 
  • The length. A pacifier clip should not exceed eight inches to reduce the chances of strangulation. It should also not be too short as it does not serve the intended purpose. 
  • It should not have detachable parts. 
  • It should be easy to clean. Young kids can put anything into their mouths. It is essential to clean the pacifier clips regularly to avoid contamination.
  • Lookout for online and person-to-person reviews on a brand of pacifier clip you intend to purchase for your baby. Most users will give an honest opinion. Over-relying on the manufacturer’s selling tactics could mislead you. 
  • If your baby does not like the brand of the clip, avoid pushing it on them. Your baby is young to make choices, but more often, that which does not attract them may end up distressing them. 
  • Choose a budget-friendly clip. Some clips may be overpriced. It is crucial to do due diligence before settling for a brand. 

Safety Tips For Using Pacifier Clip

A pacifier clip is an essential baby item that could be a health hazard. The tips below could help you use the clip safely. 

  • The pacifier clip is not a toy and should not act as one. 
  • Clean the clip regularly. Ensure you buy one with an easily washable fabric. 
  • Always supervise a baby when using a pacifier clip. 
  • Ensure you get a pacifier with the correct length of six to eight inches. 
  • Do not put it around the baby’s neck, hands, or crib.
  • Avoid putting the baby to sleep with the clip during the night or nap during the day. Detach it from the pacifier.
  • Opt for a durable clip. 
  • Safety comes first when purchasing or using any baby item. Ensure that your baby is safe when using the pacifier clip. For instance, it should not get in the way of a crawling baby.
  • Avoid pacifier clips with detachable parts such as beads or threads. 

In conclusion, there is no specific number of pacifier clips you should have. The number is subject to personal preferences, though ideally, two or more clips could be perfect.