12-Year-Old Daughter Quit Smoking

Helping Your 12-Year-Old Daughter Quit Smoking

12-Year-Old Daughter Quit SmokingNew experiences easily entice children. However, kids develop undesirable behaviors when they associate with the wrong people, whether in society or school. One of these unhealthy behaviors is smoking.

If your 12-year-old daughter has started smoking, she isn’t hanging out with the right crowd. It’s normal to be worried as a parent after discovering your daughter smokes. However, you must protect your child from such practices as a parent. It could be the start of a smoking habit. So, if you stop her from smoking from the beginning, you have a decent chance of preventing her from developing this bad habit.

In this article, we will walk you through some key facts about tobacco use among children and everything you can do if your 12-year-old daughter smokes?


Key Facts About Tobacco Usage Among Children

Every day, about 2,500 youngsters under the age of 18 take their first cigarette, with over 400 of them becoming new, everyday smokers. Half of them will die as a result of their addiction.

Those who begin smoking at a young age are more likely to acquire a severe nicotine addiction than those who start later in life. The majority of adolescents who have smoked at least a hundred cigarettes in their lives say they want to quit but are unable to do so.

If present tobacco usage trends continue, an estimated 5.6 million children and teenagers under 18 will die prematurely due to smoking-related diseases.

What to Do if Your 12-Year-Old Daughter Smokes

You probably have heard of the outdated methods for getting your teen to quit smoking, such as forcing them to smoke until they get sick or giving them a cigarette sandwich. These, as well as punishing her for smoking, will not work for your 12-year-old daughter.

You can take positive and practical steps to discourage your daughter from smoking regularly. Here are some tips on how to help your 12-year-old daughter quit smoking.

Get Her View

If you suspect your daughter is smoking, you may be surprised or disappointed and want to advise her right away to quit. Going on the offense right away would most likely make your daughter defensive and lead to an argument.

It’s usually a good idea to start by telling her that you want to talk to her and then schedule a time and place when neither of you will be distracted. Rather than confronting her about her conduct, inquire why she began smoking or how it makes her feel. 

Give Your Daughter the Facts

Our children, unlike earlier generations, are more aware of the hazards of smoking, but it’s still a good idea to discuss the facts with your daughter so that she is aware of the health consequences.

Help Your Daughter Make a Plan

Tell your daughter to put her desire to quit smoking in writing. Allow her to put down all of the reasons she wants to stop smoking, such as improving her stamina for sports or saving money. Tell her to put the list where she can see it once she’s finished writing it so she can add additional ideas later. Motivate her to make a quit date and write it down on a calendar.

Help your daughter pick a target day for quitting smoking for good. Tell her that day will be the dividing line between her as a smoker and the new improved non-smoker she will become.

Eliminate the Source of Temptation

Suggest to your daughter that she discards away all of her cigarettes, as well as the lighters and ashtrays that came with them. With cigarettes still hanging about, your daughter would be unable to quit smoking.

Wash all of her clothes to remove the cigarette odor, and if your daughter smokes in her room, it’s usually a good idea to clean it as well to remove any smoke triggers.

Get Your Daughter a Substitute for Cigarettes

Nicotine replacement patches, gum, and sprays are available to many 12-year-old children who wish to quit smoking. Help your daughter figure out what makes her want to smoke and make changes as a result. 

Expect your daughter to experience physical withdrawal symptoms such as depression, lack of energy, stomachaches, headaches, sore throats, dry mouth, and a tendency to binge eat when trying to quit smoking. You might be able to alleviate hunger pangs by offering low-calorie snacks.

Help Your Daughter Stay Active

Your daughter will be less likely to crave a smoke if she is distracted. Your daughter should have a high energy level while still maintaining a healthy weight.

Be Your Daughter’s Champion

Don’t give in if your daughter makes a mistake. Your daughter may abstain for a few weeks and then experience such intense cravings that she feels compelled to give in. Remind her of how far she’s come and not to lose steam and that it was only one blunder. Tell your daughter that smoking one cigarette does not make her a smoker again.

Celebrate Success

Tell your daughter to reward herself. It’s never easy to stop smoking. Allow your daughter to reward herself with something she truly wants once she has been tobacco-free for a few weeks, such as festival tickets, new clothes, or shoes. Encourage her to treat herself because she deserves it.

12-Year-Old Daughter Quit Smoking


Bad company is one of the primary factors that could encourage your 12-year-old daughter to start smoking. Other elements, though, may also play a role. If your 12-year-old daughter smokes, punishing her or giving her a cigarette sandwich will not help her quit. Instead, we recommend that you take the steps outlined above to rescue your daughter from unhealthy behavior.