Fondant vs Fondue

Fondant Vs Fondue

Fondant vs Fondue these two names come into mind, you may get confused as you try to figure out the differences. The Fondant is an icing used to decorate cakes or pastries, while fondue is a sauce made of melted cheese or chocolate used for dipping. Its Fondant is best left at room temperature to harden, while fondue is served hot. Below, we look at the differences in depth.

To Fondant Vs Fondue: Overview


The Fondant originated from France. It is an icing made of sugar and water and can be stabilized with glycerine and gelatin. It is used as a base for candy, sculpting, and decorating cakes, cupcakes, and pastries.

Fondant could be store-bought or homemade. For experienced bakers, it is easy to make your fondant at home, but for the novices, it’s ideal to buy from the stores. Commercially prepared fondant comes in handy when you have limited time and need things done fast. 

Fondant vs Fondue

Types of Fondant

There are two main types of fondant; poured and rolled.

Poured Fondant

Poured fondant is a paste made by boiling sugar and water until the mixture turns into a softball. The resulting ball is then cooled slightly and stirred to aerate it. An ideal poured fondant is opaque with a creamy consistency. To stabilize the fondant, you may consider adding gelatin or glycerine while boiling your mixture and your preferred flavors and color.

It can be orange, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavored. You could make a quick uncooked variation by adding powdered sugar, water, stabilizers, coloring, and flavoring. The mixture is used directly without cooking; it is a time-saving technique. The texture of this uncooked version may not get glossy. Crystallize sugar to form a candy filling.

Rolled Fondant

Rolled fondant is a clay-like sweet dough used to decorate cakes and sculpt figures. It is more thick, heavy, and durable compared to the poured fondant. It is prepared by mixing sugar, water, coloring, flavoring, and a stabilizer to make it firm. The mixture is then made into a dough. This dough is then wrapped around the cake carefully.

Avoid exposing the fondant to high temperatures to avoid melting. Refrigerating can alter the texture and appearance of the fondant, it is best stored in a cool place. Fondant vs Fondue Rolled fondant can be made of different colors and flavors including; chocolate, marshmallow, and vanilla.

Sculpting Fondant

This is a type of rolled fondant used to create figures, flowers, braided, and rope borders in a cake. It is usually thick and heavy but easy to twist and turn for ease of shaping into desired figures. You could consider using thinned fondant adhesive, which is edible, for fixing decorations on your cake. 

How To Store Fondant

  • Fondant is best stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 
  • Wrap it properly and store it at room temperature. Homemade fondant can last up to 2 months when wrapped and store-bought for up to 2 years. 
  • During hot seasons if you cannot access an air conditioner, put your fondant in an airtight plastic bag and refrigerate or freeze. The cold will, however, alter the flavor and texture.

Homemade Vs. Store Bought Fondant

Homemade fondant is easy to prepare, and you can vary flavors and colors according to your preferences. However, it has a short shelf life and requires skills to make a perfect fondant. Store-bought, on the other hand, is a quick fix and perfectly made by skilled bakers. Its downside is that you have to do with what is available in the store, limiting your choice of color and flavor.


Fondue is a dish made of melted cheese or chocolate in a communal pot for dipping during a meal. This dish originated in Switzerland and is known as a Swiss national dish. Traditionally, it consisted of cheese, white wine, and garlic. There are several variations as the fondue becomes more widespread. 

Preparing Fondue

Fondue is prepared with a special pot where ingredients are added and left to simmer. White wine can be replaced with an alcoholic drink such as beer or brandy. Alcohol helps reduce the viscosity of the dish, making it easy to dip. It is stabilized and thickened with cornstarch and lemon juice. 

Types of Fondue

There are three main types of fondue; cheese, chocolate, and Chinese(meat or oil).

Cheese fondue

This is the traditional Swiss fondue made by melting cheese and adding the white wine. Then toss some garlic cloves and set them on a stove on low heat. Some of the cheeses one can use are swiss, gouda, gruyere, and comte. 

Chocolate fondue

With chocolate fondue, one replaces cheese with either dark, white, or milk chocolate. Melt the chocolate and add preferred seasonings.

Chinese fondue

This fondue is also known as meat or oil fondue. To make meat fondue, precook meat or seafood and add it to the broth. This gives the dish a meaty flavor. 

How To Eat Fondue

Fondue can be served with bread, potatoes, bell peppers, meat, sausages, and bacon. Pick a piece of bread, spear it with a long fork and dip it in the pot. You then gently remove the dipped bread from the pot and place it on your plate. Serve hot by having the pot on the stove on low heat or use candles underneath to keep it warm. 

Fondant vs Fondue

How To Store Fondue

Fondant vs Fondue Cool down leftover fondue and refrigerate using an airtight container. It stays fresh for 2 months when refrigerated. Reheat once over low heat on a stove or microwave. Avoid storing at room temperature to prevent contamination by bacteria. 

In summary, fondant is an icing used for cake decoration, while fondue is a sauce used for dipping during a meal. Fondant is best used at room temperature, whereas fondue is best served hot. Go ahead and enjoy your fondant and fondue!