Ex-Husband's Girlfriend Interfering With Child Custody

Resolving Child Custody Issues with Your Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend

As a mother, you have an inborn bond with your child and always want the best for him. When your ex-husband introduces a new woman into your child’s life, you might get anxious, worried, uncomfortable, angry, or sad.

Such emotions could make you misjudge your ex-husband’s girlfriend. The girlfriend could also be wicked and tries to interfere with your child’s custody.

It is essential to have a parenting plan or custody order when co-parenting to help set boundaries and rules for you and your ex to follow. Conditions of the parenting plan could change if there were sufficient reasons for the court to adjust it. This article attempts to guide you on resolving child custody issues with your ex-husband when his girlfriend is interfering with the process.

Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Interfering With Child Custody

Mother’s And Father’s Rights

Both the mother and father have rights and responsibilities in their child’s life, whether they are together or not. Either of them can have custody rights over the child, with the other having visitation rights or can have shared custody.

However, in most states and countries, a mother to a child born out of wedlock is solely given custody. The father may get visitation rights, but ideally, he is not given full custody over the child unless the court deems it the best option under the prevailing conditions. Some of the reasons a parent could be denied custody are; 

  • His inability to take care of the child due to illness, mental instability, and drug abuse.
  • If the parent abuses the child physically or emotionally. 
  • If they neglect the child. 
  • Violation of court order. 
  • Parental alienation.
  • Failure to meet parental responsibilities.


Your Ex-husband’s Girlfriend Can Be Around Our Child

Your ex-husband’s new woman has legal rights to be around your child unless the custody order, parenting plan, or divorce decree. However, there are conditions under which she can be restricted from being around your child.

  • If she is endangering your child physically, emotionally, or health-wise. If you realize she is putting his life at risk during the child’s father’s co-parenting time, you could get a court order to restrict her from getting around the child. 
  • If she is abusing the child physically, emotionally, or mentally. In such a case, you can call the police to restrict her from harming your child physically. You could also get a protection from abuse order from the court restricting her from accessing the child. 
  • If the divorce decree or parenting plan restricts her.

Why Would Your Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Interfere With Child Custody

Your fears of your ex-husband’s girlfriend interfering with child custody could be real or imagined. Sometimes mothers worry too much about their children and may feel insecure when someone else is around their child.

Such anxiety could make you misinterpret any action by your ex’s girlfriend. The worries could also be legitimate. She could be intentionally interfering with the child’s custody. Some of the reasons which can make her interfere are; 


Your ex’s husband could be acting out of ignorance. She may be unaware that she is interfering with your child’s custody. You see, she is not a part of the parenting plan or court order, so if she is not briefed on its contents, she could act out of ignorance.

For instance, the order could state that the child spends only the weekend with the father, but she innocently talks the father into having the child for a longer period.

It may look like she is interfering, but she may be unaware of the terms. Before taking action, consider talking to your ex-husband or his girlfriend about the interference. 

She could Be Using The Child As A Weapon Of Revenge

This girlfriend could use your child to get back to you or your ex-husband. She understands the bond with your child, and the only way to hurt you is to interfere with the custody. She could also be getting back at the child’s father due to their issues.

In such a case, you could go to court and get an order restricting her from being around the child. The court could also withdraw the child’s father’s rights of visitation. 

Bond With Your Child

Your ex-husband’s girlfriend could have developed a genuine bond with your child and may want to have him under her custody. It could be complicated further if the child likes this girlfriend and she can embrace parental responsibilities.

In extreme cases, she could poison your child against you. You could talk it out and seek legal enforcement of parenting plans or custody orders. 


Failed Parenting

If you are inconsistent or alienated from your child, your ex’s girlfriend could interfere with the child’s custody. In conjunction with your ex-husband, she could seek sole custody of your child if you are mentally ill, have severely neglected your child, are abusing drugs, or are incapable of taking care of him. 

Tips on How To Deal With Interference Of Child Custody

  • Talk to your ex-husband and if necessary, to the girlfriend about the interference. It could be out of ignorance or intentional. Avoid assuming why it is happening. 
  • Be neutral when dealing with your ex-husband’s girlfriend. You may want to fill your child with negativity towards her but allow your child to chart their relationship with her. 
  • Avoid negativity on social media concerning your ex-husband and his girlfriend. It might only worsen the current situation, and if you are not strong enough to face internet bullying, you could get stressed. 
  • Maintain a cordial relationship with your ex-husband. 
  • Avoid threatening your ex-husband or his girlfriend. 
  • Follow court orders and parenting plans if you have any.

In conclusion, if your ex-husband’s girlfriend interferes with child custody in contravention of a court order or parenting, you could take legal action against her. If she is doing it out of ignorance, it is advisable to solve it out of court.