Cook Eckrich Smoked Sausage

Cooking Eckrich Smoked Sausage: Methods and Tips

Eckrich smoked sausage is the naturally smoked hardwood crafted with the right blend of ingredients to make it rich for pleasant taste. Some of the ingredients used include water, corn syrup, carefully separated turkey, less than 1% salt, dextrose, potassium lactate, flavorings, sodium lactate, sodium phosphate, monosodium glutamate, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrate, and modified food starch.

The 14 oz. package doesn’t have a casing, giving it a gentle texture that is convenient for everyday recipes. It’s perfect for slicing. In addition, it’s a fully cooked sausage making it a delicious addition to the vegetable medley or any other favorite cuisine. To prepare Eckrich Smoked Sausage, heat to optimal temperatures for an easy and quick meal.

One of the methods to heat Eckrich Smoked sausage is by boiling. Therefore, it’s allowed that you boil the Eckrich Smoked Sausage. Add 2/3 cup water to the cooking pot, and drop your sausage. Cover it to reduce the heat lost and allow 8 to 10 minutes of simmering.

Cook Eckrich Smoked Sausage

Can you Boil Eckrich Smoked Sausage Before Frying?

It’s not recommended that you boil the sausage before frying. Pan-frying is essential since it ensures that the fats and juices get to produce a crispy and golden brown exterior. It also enables the meat interior to attain secure temperatures.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Eckrich Smoked Sausage?

Sausages are typically cooked in the smokehouse before they’re packaged. You can eat the fully-cooked sausage immediately after you buy them. However, you can still cook them using a stove, grill, or oven.

As stated above, cooking Eckrich Smoked sausage involves reheating. The technique allows you to add your favorite flavors to the dishes. You can also incorporate Eckrich Smoked sausage into other different recipes.

How to Boil Eckrich Smoked sausage In a Stove

  • Step 1: Fill the Stockpot with water.

Pick a stockpot that can accommodate all the sausage you intend to boil. The water required to cover the sausages will normally be 6 US quarts. However, the exact amount will vary according to the pot size used.

If you need to cook a lot of sausages, you can do that in batches or in several pots. To enhance the flavor of sausage, you may also boil it in tomato sauce, beer, or other liquids.

  • Step 2: Add Spices

In addition to being simple, boiling allows you to flavor the sausage more. For instance, you may flavor the water with lemon, pepper, and bay leaves. That is helpful if you want to boil potatoes, onions, or other foods in addition to the sausage.

If you are following a recipe, make sure you do so since you might need to keep adding items to the pot.

  • Step 3: Cover the Pot and Allow Water to Boil

To reduce the time needed for boiling, seal the pot. Wait until the water has reached the boiling point and is bubbling up heavily. Use a wooden spoon to stir the water. The bubbles should continue to develop.

  • Step 4: Add the Smoked Sausage to the Pot

To prevent splashing boiling water on yourself, carefully place the smoked sausage into the pot. Use a spoon or tongs to lower the sausage, so the water covers it. Hold off until the water starts to boil.

  • Step 5: Boil Eckrich Smoked Sausage for 8 to 15 minutes

Set your timer after covering the pot once again to hasten the process. The water in the sink should now be gently drained when enough time has passed. Your sausage is ready to eat after 8 to 15 minutes.

Pouring the contents of the pot into a sizable colander will make it simple to drain the water. If not, hold the cover over the pot and tilt it over.

How to Cook Eckrich Smoked Sausage in a Grill

  • Step 1: Preheat the Grill for 10 minutes

Spend 10 minutes getting your grill ready. After heating the grill, whether it is gas or coal, allow it to cool to a safe temperature. Warming the sausages over medium heat prevents the casing from being damaged.

To check the temperature, place your palm directly over the grill. You may hold your hand over the heat for approximately 6 seconds before it becomes uncomfortable and check whether it has reached a medium degree. A medium temperature ranges from 325 to 375 °F.

  • Step 2: Split the Sausages Lengthwise and Place Them On The Grill

Sausages should be placed on the grill. Place the sausages close to the grill’s center. Spread them closer to the grill’s sides rather than the center, where there is too much heat.

Between each sausage, leave a space of at least 1.3 cm. By doing that, the heat strikes uniformly, decreasing the likelihood that they would rupture.

The pre-cooked sausages eliminate the need to sear them at a high temperature to cook the inner meat contents. To give the sausages a slightly distinct flavor and texture, you can first split them into two-half lengthwise.

  • Step 3: Grill the Sausage Uniformly For 9 Minutes

The sausages should be evenly browned after grilling them for 9 minutes. Keep an eye out for the covering to turn brown uniformly. If it starts to break, move the sausages immediately away. During this time, flip the sausages with tongs to make all sides Brown.

Check whether your grill isn’t too hot if the casing separates. Additionally, you could be overcooking the sausages. The sausages’ dark grill markings are fine, but you should make sure the color of the casing is consistently golden Brown.

  • Step 4: Remove the Sausages and Allow 2 Minutes of Cooling Time

To avoid overcooking, remove the sausages from the grill immediately. So that the fluids stay inside the meat, place them on a platter and give them a moment to settle before biting.

Sausages that are cooked for an excessively long time may rupture or become wrinkled when they cool.

How To Cook Eckrich Smoked Sausage Using A Pan

  • Step 1: Cut the Sausage into Pieces that are 1.3 cm Long.

It’s not easy to cut the accurate slices, but try to maintain consistency in size. If you’d like, you can chop the sausage into cubes. Alternatively, you might split the sausage lengthwise and arrange the pieces in the pan.

  • Step 2: Heat the Skillet With a Medium-level Source of Heat

You may cook the sausage in a plain pan. However, to ensure that the sausage turns brown uniformly without sticking to the pan, you can add around 30 mL of vegetable oil to the skillet.

Utilize medium or medium-high heat. Sausage may shrivel or split in a heated pan. They sausage can alternatively be cooked in a Dutch oven.

  • Step 3: Heat the Sausage Slice For 5 minutes Until They’re Uniformly Brown

The sausage should be brown after 5 minutes of cooking. With tongs or a spatula, fry the sausage pieces, rotating them frequently. The meat will start turning to a light shade of Brown. Remove the pan from the heat after the slices have a uniform brown color.

  • Step 4: Remove the Skillet and Drain

As you pour off any liquid in the pan, use a spatula or spoon to keep the slices in place. After draining the skillet, add the sausage to the remaining ingredients you need. The sausage can either be consumed straight away or added to a stovetop meal.

Cook Eckrich Smoked Sausage

Can You Bake Eckrich Smoked Sausage in an Oven?

Yes, you can cook the smoked sausage using an oven. First, you need to preheat the oven to 375 Fahrenheit. After that, spread the non-stick foil over the baking sheet and ensure that sausages are well spaced. After that, allow the smoked sausage to cook for approximately 12 minutes.