Campbell's Healthy Request vs. Regular Soups

Campbell’s Healthy Request vs. Regular Soups: Comparison

Soups are delicious and satisfying. You can eat them as a meal, have them as a hydrating drink, or use them to warm yourself in winter. They are low in calories compared to food and, therefore, ideal for those on weight loss programs. There are many soups, beef, chicken, vegetable, and fish. And while it’s good to make your soup at home, you don’t always have to.

There are many companies that sell delicious soups that you can buy, whether online or in stores. Campbell’s Soup Company is a leading firm producing different soups, snacks, meals, and other beverages. This company has two types of soups: Healthy Request and Regular. This article discusses Campbell’s Healthy Request vs. Regular Soups and everything there is to them.

Campbell's Healthy Request vs. Regular Soups

Campbell’s Healthy Request vs. Regular

Both Campbell’s healthy Request and Regular are delicious with various health benefits. However, the Healthy Request soup offers more heart-healthy benefits than the regular one.

It’s low in sodium, a significant risk factor for heart diseases. It’s also high in fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels in the body, preventing stroke and heart attack. What’s more, Healthy Request soup is low in saturated and trans fat, which can increase heart disease risk.

About Campbell’s Healthy Request Soup

Campbell’s Healthy Request Soup is a new product in line after several years of selling regular soup. This soup version offers more heart-healthy benefits than other types of soups on the market. The heart-health is a key strategic priority of Campbell soup’s innovation. The company worked closely with the American Heart Association to raise awareness of heart disease and promote the importance of living healthily.

Here are various health benefits of Healthy Request soup

Low In Sodium

Campbell’s heart-healthy soup contains less sodium and meets the American Heart Association criteria to display the heart-check mark. The sodium content in Healthy Request soup is 15% less than regular soup, bringing it to 410 mg per serving with the same great taste as before.

Sodium is a risk factor for various heart diseases like high blood pressure. Research suggests that consuming a low-sodium diet can reduce the risk of heart diseases and prevent the progression of heart diseases.

Low In Saturated Fats

Besides being low in sodium, Healthy Request soup are low in saturated fats. Like sodium, saturated and trans fat can increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases like hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis). Saturated fats also increase bad cholesterol in the body, worsening heart health.

High In Fiber

Campbell’s Healthy Request soup is packed with fiber. The fiber content varies depending on the type of soup. Bean, vegetable, and barley soups contain more fiber than other versions. Fiber plays in promoting heart health. It helps lowers blood cholesterol. Fiber also promotes satiety, preventing overeating and subsequent weight gain leading to overweight or obesity. Since fiber promotes peristalsis, it results in regular bowel movements, removing toxins from the body.

Provides Essential Vitamins And Minerals

This type of Campbell’s soup contains essential vitamins and minerals. The type of vitamins and minerals depends on the soup’s main ingredients. If the soup’s main ingredients are meat like chicken noodles, vegetable beef, or clam powder, it will provide protein and iron. Soups with vegetables as the main ingredient contain minerals like potassium and vitamin A.

Additionally, dairy-based soups like those made from cream or cheese provide considerable calcium needed for bone and teeth growth. However, they will also be high in saturated fats. Corn chowder and broccoli cheese are examples of Campbell’s soups with calcium.

There are various types of soups under Campbell’s Healthy Request option. They include:

  • Ten Campbell’s Healthy Request Condensed Soups, with tomato, chicken noodle, and cream of mushroom as examples.
  • Six heart-healthy Campbell’s Select Harvest Healthy Request Soup, including two microwavable bowls, with flavors like Mexican-style chicken tortilla and Italian-style wedding soups. This category is made with 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t contain artificial flavors or additives.
  • Nine heavy varieties of Campbell’s Chunky Healthy Request Soups, including two microwavable bowls with big chunks of savory vegetables and lean meat. These are available in various flavors like grilled chicken, sirloin burger, and sausage gumbo.

About Campbell’s Regular Soup

Campbell regular is equally a delicious and feel-good meal. And like the Healthy Request version, it provides numerous health benefits. For instance:

Vitamins And Minerals

Certain types of Campbell’s soup contain meat, and vegetables, among other healthy ingredients from which you can get vitamins and minerals. Like Healthy Request, meat-based soups provide protein and iron, while vegetable-based soups contain vitamins A and potassium. On the other hand, dairy-based soups are high in calcium and saturated fats.


Another health benefit of Campbell’s regular soup is fiber. Fiber is crucial for keeping the digestive system healthy and reducing heart disease risk. For instance, a serving of beans with bacon in Campbell’s soup provides 8 g of fiber, equivalent to 40% of the daily value. The barley and chunky beef soup provide 4 g, while the homestyle cajun kitchen offers 3 g of fiber per serving.

Despite the health benefits, Campbell’s Regular soup is high in sodium.


Most Campbell’s Regular soups are high in sodium, increasing your risk of stroke and heart attack. Campbell’s tomato soap, for instance, contains 480 mg of sodium per serving. This amount of sodium is high and may form up to 32 percent of your daily sodium needs if you stick to the 1500 mg sodium limit recommended by the American Heart Association. Another variety of soups, like the chicken noodle soup, provides 890 mg, while the cream of mushroom soup contains 870 mg of sodium per serving.

Campbell's Healthy Request vs. Regular Soups


Campbell’s Regular and Healthy Request soups are delicious and offer various health benefits. If you are a health-conscious individual, the Healthy Request may suit you better than the regular. It’s recommended by the American Heart Association as being heart healthy and equally taste great. The regular soup contains high amounts of sodium, and limiting its intake to one can or less a day is ideal.