14-Year-Olds in Diapers

14-Year-Olds in Diapers: Reasons and Solutions

14-Year-Olds in Diapers are known to be for babies. And once they have stopped bedwetting, they are no longer put on diapers. However, there are some cases when older people put on diapers. Some do it because they have a medical condition, while for others it’s just their preference. Speaking of which, have you seen a 14-year-old in diapers?

If you haven’t seen one, then there are 14-year-old kids wearing diapers. And although there is currently no accurate data on how many 14 years teenagers wear diapers, people say that they’re few and not as many. What do you think can make a 14-year-old wear diaper? Read on to learn more about the possible reasons why 14-year-olds wear diapers and their solutions.

14-Year-Olds in Diapers

Possible Reasons Why 14 Year Old Wear Diapers

Here are possible reasons why some 14 years old wear diapers.


Bedwetting, which affects children and teenagers, is one of the most probable reasons for 14 years old to be in diapers. It refers to a person urinating involuntarily while asleep.

During adolescence, children transition from childhood to adulthood. Since the transition is not simple as various body changes happen, the entire stage can be confusing. Adolescents tend to be conscious of their body changes, and some might even be embarrassed. Therefore, if an adolescent wets their bed, it’s quite understandable if they refuse to admit that they do so because of embarrassment. The adolescent may start wearing diapers to hide this and prevent people from knowing.

Various causes can make a 14-year-old bed wet. Some it’s delayed physical growth and development, such that the teen experiences delayed milestones. Or hormonal changes that occur during puberty.

Sometimes bedwetting could result from psychological issues the teenager is experiencing, like stress, depression, or anxiety. These 14-Year-Olds in Diapers psychological issues are particularly common when adolescents are under pressure from peers, school, or families.

Paraphilic Infantism

Paraphilic infantism is a psychosexual disorder where adults desire to be treated like babies. This condition is also known as an adult baby syndrome. The adult baby syndrome is also in conjunction with age play, where a person pretends to have a significantly different age than the real case.

14-year-olds with paraphilic infantism exhibit other signs other than the preference for wearing diapers. Such people display baby-like behaviors and want to be treated like babies. For instance, they may babble like a baby, drink from a baby bottle, put pacifiers in their mouths, or play with baby toys.

The adult baby syndrome is not well studied as most cases go unreported. Therefore, it’s hard for experts to give accurate statistics on how many people have this condition.

Diaper Fetishism

Another reason why 14 year old may be in diapers is that they sexually arouse them. Diaper fetishism, also called diaperism, is a psychosexual disorder where people are aroused or get sexual satisfaction from wearing diapers. And unlike paraphilic infantism, diaperism doesn’t involve role-playing as the individuals only have a sexual preference for diapers. Such people may wear diapers to get sexually aroused or gain sexual pleasure.

How To Stop 14 Year Old From Wearing Diapers

The first thing to help a 14-year-old in a diaper is to establish what makes them wear the diapers. And depending on the cause, you’ll know the right solution. Here are possible solutions for teenagers who wear diapers.

Taking Less Fluids Before Bed

If the cause of wearing diapers is bedwetting, then taking less fluids at night can help reduce the bedwetting episodes. When you take lots of fluids before going to bed, your bladder becomes full. And since the bladder has no way of releasing itself other than urination, the result is bedwetting. Thus, limit the fluid your 14-year-old takes at least two hours before bed.

Setting Alarm

Setting the alarm is another excellent way of dealing with bedwetting. You can install an alarm system that wakes your teenager anytime they wet their bed. Doing so will help your 14-year-olds wake up and change themselves. How does the alarm work? The alarm comes with a moisture sensor placed in the child’s pajamas. As soon as the teenager starts to pee, the alarm rings, waking them.

Visiting A Doctor

Some medical problems can cause people to wet the bed. And going to a doctor is the best way to find out what’s causing the bedwetting. Your child may be wetting the bed because of a biological problem or because he or she isn’t growing fast enough. In this case, the doctor can suggest that your child take vitamins and minerals to help him or her grow and develop well.

Other times your teenager may be bedwetting due to psychological issues like anxiety, stress, or depression. If that’s the case, your doctor may recommend or refer you to a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist for further diagnosis and treatment.


If your child is bedwetting due to stress, anxiety, or depression, seeing a psychotherapist will help them cope with the unpleasant situations. It will also teach them skills to deal with pressure from peers, school, or family.

Similarly, if your child is wearing diapers because they have the adult baby syndrome, seeing a psychotherapist will help too. The therapist will help identify possible reasons for the paraphilic infantism. It could be your 14 year old had was the firstborn and had many responsibilities of looking after their younger siblings. This could have made them miss out on being children. Hence, the desire to be treated like a child.

The same is valid with diaper fetish. A psychotherapist can help your teenager establish good and appropriate sexual behaviors that will help them seek sexual arousal or pleasure in the appropriate way.

14-Year-Olds in Diapers


There are many reasons why a 14-year-old would be in diapers. The most common one is bedwetting. Paraphilic infantism and diaper fetish are also possible reasons teenagers wear diapers.

To help your 14-Year-Olds in Diapers overcome wearing diapers, establish the root cause. If it’s bedwetting, look for solutions like setting the alarm or giving your teenager less fluids two hours before bed. And if it’s paraphilic infantism or diaper fetish, seek help from a psychotherapist.