Hugs and Stink Eye: Julianna Live

When writer’s block hits, it’s time for live action! These are some of our favorite Julianna videos.


For a while, Julianna was able to walk short distances in a walker. This was taken on one of the first days she used the walker. She is about 18 months old — and confident! (Note: Sammy was my very first baby. She is in doggie heaven now.)

A child’s first steps are always special, no matter how they come. She hasn’t been able to use a walker for almost two years, and I couldn’t watch this clip for a while. Today, I’m just grateful that she was able to walk for a time. Some day, she will do much more.


I’m including this one because it just cracks us up. We did teach her to say “praise the Lord.” But the raising of the hands and the exuberance is all Julianna.


Alex is a fantastic big brother. But he doesn’t always want to hug his sister.


Julianna has a flair for drama (which is a nice way for saying she is dramatic.) I have always thought that she could be an actress. Last summer, she showed her range. My favorite is “stink eye.”