“I Just Want to Rest!”

This is J doing her version of the “Pop and Lock.” Competent dancers may think this is a simple move, but I know better. It’s not that easy to isolate the shoulder muscles and make the perfect little “pop.” (Tip from J: “Your head has to be stable.”)  J’s dance moves are like her perfectly curled eyelashes: they did not come from me.

15 Feb 15 – journal entry

J was down for her rest period this afternoon. We were watching a Disney movie. I broke out into a little jig. (Koreans are the Irish of Asia, after all.)
M:   J, am I a good dancer?
J:   avoids eye contact
M:   Am I?
J:   sighs
M:   Do you think I’m a good dancer?
J:   I’m just trying to rest!